Top 5 Reasons to Travel to Nepal

Birth place of Buddha and keeper of Mt Everest, the highest peak in the world, Nepal is home to some real brag-worthy experiences.

Tucked away neatly between giants like India and China, the country boosts some of the best adventure tourism opportunities. Paradoxically, the serenity and peacefulness of the land, lent to it in big part by the Buddhism culture, is a sure shot way to revitalize your soul.

Exploring the land, we came up with the best motivators that will tip your travel scale in favor of Nepal as the next place to go for sure!

The Himalayas

The magnificent mount Everest, along with 7 of the 9 tallest mountains in the world are situated in Nepal. At this swaggering height, you can spot some of the rarest species, exclusive to the region, including the graceful snow leopard, Himalayan tahr and the red panda among others.

You can start at Everest Base Camp and walk to the top of the world or you can take the shorter route by starting on a plane and diving to the bottom. Either way, taking in the glorious Everest is a transformative experience!

Culture& Religion

As you enter Nepal, you will be reminded at every turn by proud citizens that their country is the birth place of Buddha!Said to be inLumbini, which is next to a monastery only zone, this is frequented by religious devotees from around the globe. Since there are so many belief systems co-existing here, you will come across a kaleidoscope of folk-lore, customs and places of worship from each one that will bewilder your senses.

But what will capture your heart is the genuineness of the locals and their exuberance to share with the visitors to their homeland.

Exploring Nature

A chance to trek where the land rises to embrace the sky, is no short order. But there is so much more you can do to satisfy your cravings for wilderness.Indulge withwhitewater rafting in the crystalline waters of Sun Kosi River and catch glimpses of the hills and plains, sociable rural dwellers, their rice paddies, temples and beaches. Or take a bird’s eye view with Paragliding at Pokhara, a quaint village close to the capital, Kathmandu.

The wildlife here is bountiful and beautiful and at Chitwan National Park you can get familiar with a lot of them if you’re lucky!

UNESCO sights

Spending a few days in Kathmandu Valley will allow you to take in 7 ancient cultural heritage wondersrecognized as one by UNESCO. All the sites hold a chunk of fascinating history, but the Patan Durbar Square has the finest example of Newari art and aesthetic, with craftsmen still practicing ancient art techniques in the streets around the Square. If you’re looking to score one-of-a-kind Nepali handicrafts to show the folks back home, this is the place to be!

Apart from Lumbini and Chitwan, Sagarmatha National Park is also a natural world heritage sight based at the foothills of Himalayas where you can find some amazing bio-diversity.


Nepal is a developing country which means that you can avail these amazing opportunities at very affordable prices. You can pre-book almost everything well before the trip, but we found that getting there and talking to locals will get you much better deals. Your food and accommodation budget will not be exorbitant ($30/day), provided you opt for mid-range, respectable joints, and this will leave your pocket open to more eclectic and adventurous experiences that the country has to offer.

A cup of coffee at one of the highest placed hotels in the world, maybe?


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