10 Reasons to Fly to Newfoundland and Labrador

There I was, I had decided to fly to Canada and Newfoundland and Labrador was the chosen destination. Why? Well, it doesn’t matter why I picked this province in first instance, what it does matter is why I recommend it now. You won’t believe what I’m going to tell you! Ready? Let’s go!

#1 – A fishing village before my eyes

I used to see them in films and TV series and wonder what it would be like to live in one of them. Well, I didn’t learn to live in it since I stayed there a couple of days, but I saw it with my own eyes… a fishing village! I thought they had become extinct in our ‘robotized’ era, but I was wrong! This Canadian island has one and it’s indescribably gorgeous.

#2 – The fauna

I must confess I love animals, so seeing a moose in the wild was the closest to a spiritual experience I’ve ever had. Walking in this province’s woods you may expect to come across a red fox, a caribou, some squirrels, a couple of beavers and even a black bear.

#3 –Cape Spear Lighthouse

No one had to explain me anything; I took a self-guided tour upwards the highest spot in the east of Canada and that was enough to learn several things. One of them was Cantwells’ lifestyle. This family has been looking after the lighthouse for one hundred and fifty years generation after generation. They live in a simple and very happy way. That’s how I learned that so much technology may not be as essential as we tend to consider. Do you want a surprise? You can see the whales swimming in the sea from its terrace!

#4 –The gastronomic tour

I made some friends during the trip, so we decided to hire a gastronomic tour in St John’s. The experience was unforgettable. For only cents more than sixty dollars, we were taken to the best restaurants to taste some bites of the typical food of the area.

#5 –Trekking

Before having experienced the paths in Newfoundland National Park, I wouldn’t have said that I really fancied trekking. Now I’ve changed my mind. First of all, this leisure activity is not what I had thought: impossible if you were not trained enough. No at all! There are sixty paths in this park and one of them is exactly for your training level.

#6 –Whale watching

Yes, after having seen them from the heights, I remained craving for more of them, so I took a whale watching tour. It was an awesome experience I’ll never forget. What I can tell you is that you feel one of them as you plow the sea by their side on the kayak.

#7 – The Twillingate Islands

This magical bunch of islands has everything from your eyes: picturesque villages, amazing cliffs, icebergs and, again, the whales.

#8 –GrosMorne National Park

What I can tell you is that my best pictures of Newfoundland and Labrador were taken in GrosMorne National Park. The landscape dotted with all kinds of pines, the thick sand shores, the hills and the tents of the people who camp there are part of this incredible combination of nature, beauty and peace.

#9 – East Coast Trail

It’s time for exercise! And I mean true exercise; after a long stroll among the lighthouses of the area, I climbed a rocky hill and then I had my deserved rest beholding the archeological excavations from a suspension bridge (quite high, by the way).

#10 –Bonavista

The replic (in real size) of explorer Giovanni Caboton’s vessel can be visited in Bonavista. Here it was where I went to the theatre for the first time in Canada, and in any of the trips I took to other countries before. Honestly, I could resist the temptation of being part of the cultural life of the area. Garrik Theatre is well worth the two hours you spend there.


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