5 Reasons toVisit Iceland

Before I landed in this indescribable land, I wouldn’t stop asking my husband why going there. What on earth could have made him take us to a land where it was enough to stretch your hand to touch the polar Circle? Well, after having experienced Iceland for ten days, I came back home with unforgettable memories about the landscapes and with five reasons I consider a must sharing with the world.

#1 - The Northern Lights

Everybody has heard about them, but one very different thing is seeing them with your own eyes. I had seen some pictures of them on the Internet and I didn’t think it was worth catching a plane and expose yourself to temperatures below cero to watch a green sky. How wrong I was. The Northern Lights were born to amaze us. They not only provide a plain color in the sky. That is just the beginning. Pink spirals, bluish arches and lines moving at top speed before your eyes are what you can expect to find in Iceland. We were Lucky to go there in August. The best months to enjoy this incredible performance of nature are June, July, August and September.

#2 - The outstanding Breidamerkurjökull glacier

This impossible to pronounce natural wonder speaks for itself. The silence you feel as you watch Breidamerkurjökull glacier is something that goes beyond a spiritual experience. However, when it cracks and a part of it falls in the chilly water, you become aware that they won’t be waiting there forever: melting is a fact. Anyway, to head nature off, we took a tour to explore the cave of the glacier. They took us there in a 4x4 and they gave us freedom to explore it at we pleased.

#3 - The gorgeous fjords

We were given a list of twenty fjords to choose from. As we wanted to do a lot of other things in Iceland, we chose only two: Hesteyri and Bolafjall. It was a great idea to hike along the paths of Hesteyri. As you walk you feel the immensity of those pieces of land that nature so whimsically sculpted upwards. Apart from that, meeting the snow lagoons is a gift included in the price that delights your eyes. If there’s a place called the ends of the earth, such place is Bolafjall. Your sight won’t be able to embrace the vast area of water displayed, literally, at your feet.

#4 – Geysers

Iceland is the land of geysers, so you can choose your favorite from a vast list. Although The Great Geysir, we preferred visiting the one which is constantly erupting and which is not so overcrowded: Strokkur. We stayed there long enough to see it highest peak of eruption: 40 meters! The water dances to offer you a performance that can be compared to the golden age of Russian ballet.

#5 – Icelandic typical dishes

Yes, sure! Food was part of this odyssey. Most of the food now offered in Iceland has been inherited from the Vikings. I’m talking about the rotten or fermented shark (shark meat that can be really poisonous if you eat it fresh), the whale meat and the cod. However, more contemporary, and even exclusive edibles can be eaten during your trip. We tried the Icelandic braised lamb with vegetables and sauce and I can tell you that it surprised us positively. I didn’t dare eat shark or what, but the cod and the Icelandic dried fish. When it came the time to pick a desert, the skyr (a mixture between creamy cheese and yogurt) was our daily option.


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