5 Reasons to Rent-A-Car When Travelling and Not Use Your Own

After having visited several destinations and gone through several experiences with our car and with a rented one, I can recommend you the best option: renting. When you’re starting in the world of tourism, it’s quite tempting to take your own car: it gives you freedom, independence and the possibility of spending much less money. But what if I told you that all these things are mere illusions based on ignoring the reality of the tourist? Let me give you my reasons and I’m sure you’ll agree with me.

# 1 – Car value depreciation

When my family and I came back from an exhausting, but not less wonderful, tour through five states, we decided to sell our car to buy a new one. We proudly took our Subaru Forester to the used car dealer to have it taxed. The smile was erased from our faces when we learnt that those crazy drives across the states had made decrease our treasure’s value in quite a few thousands of dollars. We went home… and we went also mad. When recalculating, we became aware that renting a car would have left our bank accounts almost ‘untouched’ compared with the car value depreciation we had submitted our car to. 

# 2 – Diesel cars are also available to be rented

Ours is a gas car, but there are excellent options in diesel ones which you shouldn’t discard from your packing list next time you prepare a trip. We chose one of them to move around Spain some years ago and we spent considerably less than what we had thought we would. The benefits of a diesel car are so many that we started considering acquiring one.

# 3 – You can rent the suitable vehicle for your trip

We’re five in our family and we had never used the car for all of us at the same time… until we decided to have a family weekend in Texas four years ago. In those two days I understood that what you have is not always what you need. Our middle son had grown taller incredibly fast. Unfortunately, we hadn’t noticed that until we had to suffer his siblings’ complaints for eight long ours hours. Bad experiences should be the seed to create good and enriching ones, so the following year we rented a family vehicle, which was what we actually needed to coexist together in less than three square meters.

# 4 –Your own car may break down

Have you thought about the possibility of your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere? Neither did us! That’s while our romantic weekend getaway to Alaska turned into a living hell when our car decided it was time to stop working. That was the last time we used our own car to go on holidays. Obviously that rented cars also break down… once in a blue moon, by the way.

# 5 – Some promotions are unbeatable

There are some times of the year in which tourists become a rarity. Those are the best period to seek ridiculously cheap promotions to rent a car. Three days for the price of one becomes as common as four-wheel cars.


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