10 Ways Travel Agents Add Value to Your Vacation

In today’s fast-paced world, travel choices are so vast and confusing that even though you can plan your trip online all by yourself, it is much easier to outsource this headache to an agent who would sort through hundreds of available options to make sure you have the best. Imagine Cruise & Travel suggests 10 ways employing a travel professional could help make your trip nicer.

1. They help you pick the right destinations

A good travel agent would have a brief chat with you to ascertain your preferences, after which he would have to sort through thousands of options to find something that suits your tastes,

2. They are on your side

Once you employ a travel agent, he becomes your go to person for everything that could go wrong while on your trip. This way you enjoy your trip without having to worry about unexpected events like delayed trips or overbooked hotels.

3. They keep you safe

A good travel agent would keep himself abreast with the socio-political environment of whatever destination you are in. This way if there is any danger coming your way, he informs you ahead of time.

4. They ensure the paperwork is done right

If a new immigration law is passed, the agent knows about this law as soon as it’s passed. The agent also knows the proper way to process a visa. With these, there is no chance of you getting turned back at the airport for improper documentation when you hire an agent.

5. They know the right insurance

A good agent knows which insurance policy is necessary and which is not. They will prompt you to think through whether insurance is right for a particular trip, and will also consider your age, your health, and your existing medical coverage when deciding which insurance you should pay for.

6. They save you money

They know where to get the best discounts and promotions and would definitely save you a lot of money.

7. They help you score some perks

Travel agents have connections in cities and hotels and airports around the world. They can fix you up with free excursions, spa visits, or room upgrades; entrance to private locations; or after-hours access to popular sites.

8. They offer extended payment plans

You do not have to pay for everything all at once when booking your trip with an agent. You can pay in instalments until the time of your trip.

9. They give you time to make up your mind

Agents can hold a booking for you while you make up your mind. This could be particularly important if you are travelling in a group as it gives everyone time to get on the same page.

10. They offer insights into the unknown

An experienced professional can always offer insight from years of previous experience. Travel agents are professionals. They know which hotels are really nice and which ones are overbooked. Planning a trip with a travel agent saves you from a lot of unforeseen unpleasant circumstances.

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