6 Tips to Find the Best Travel Agent

The difference between a great holiday trip and a mediocre one could lie in the travel agency used. The Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) proposed six great tips for finding a really great travel agent to help you plan and book trips that deliver holiday experiences that would be worth your while.

To ensure you are using a top notch travel agent to plan your trip, here are six questions you should ask before hiring an agent.

1. Is the agency TICO registered?

You would know a TICO registered agency by the TICO logo on their website. Travel agencies are mandated by law to register in order to legally sell travel in Ontario? There are over 2500 registered agencies available. A registered agent is most of the time more knowledgeable, professional and educated, so they can handle your travel issues seamlessly.

2. Does the travel agent have referrals?

It is best to work with a travel agent who has been referred to you by a friend or family member who has used their services in the past. You can also assess their social media following, and know what kind of reviews they have been getting online. Other questions to ask include; Are there any raves or rants about them or the company they work for? Do they have lots of followers on social media and are they posting quality content? How long has their travel agency been in business? Even though experienced agents are the most reliable, some new agents can still be relied on to do a great job.

3. How much does the agent know about travel?

Find out if your agent has travelled before, find out what hotels they stayed in, the tours they took, the restaurant they ate at, and where they went for sight-seeing. They might not have been everywhere in the world, but they should at least know a few.

4. What is the agent’s area of expertise?

On this subject, the TICO Blog recommends you ask the following questions; does your travel agent specialize in certain types of trips, such as Caribbean cruises, eco tours, destination weddings or unusual adventures? Are they enthusiastic about where you want to go and have suggestions to enhance your trip? Are they willing to do some research to help you make the most of your travel experience?

5. How much information can they provide?

Your agent should be a plethora of travel information. They should be able to provide the best travel destinations, they should know all about the fees and charges, so that you would not be surprised with any last minute charges.

6. How easy is it to reach your travel agency?

A good agent should always be available in case anything goes wrong on your trip. Things that could go wrong include delayed flights, overbooked hotels and unsatisfactory accommodation. Your agent should be able to fix such situations quickly when they arise on your trip.


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