5 Reasons to Visit Kingston, Ontario

After having spent three days in the beautiful Toronto, we wondered why not visiting the oldest city of Ontario. So we rented a car and we drove two hours to discover something more than a city: we found a new world within the boundaries of Kingston.

#1 - Ghostly mystery tour

As soon as the bus started to jut out in the least known Kingston’s paths, I remembered the son by The Beatles: The Magical Mystery Tour. I think it may well have been inspired in the tour full of mysterious tales that date back to the days on which the city was founded. For less than thirty dollars you can take home a wonderful bunch of new bedtime stories for those nights in which kids refuse to go to sleep unless you scare them. The tour is in the evening, so darkness is the best ally to believe that magic is possible.

#2 - Kingston Scouts museum

My son was craving about visiting that museum, and as he’s not particularly keen on museums, that was a big issue in the family. When we finally spent almost half of an afternoon there, we thanked him for his insistence about going there. What we discovered there was really amazing. The whole story of the Scout movement in Canada is depicted on its walls. Soon after the Scouts started as an organization in Britain, Kingston followed its steps and created its own groups in the city. The black and white pictures are very representative of its philosophy.

# 3 – Discovery cruise

This is an exciting tour to enjoy with your family. It’s really lively since they give you a good ride around the environment known as the thousand islands and you’re told interesting facts about the history of the city. The guides are very kind, helpful and they know a lot, so can feel free to ask as many questions as you want.

# 4 – Lemoine Point

This natural reservoir is the home of a very important part of Canadian wildlife. We chose to pick one of the very many available tables and have a picnic there. The fresh air that comes from Lake Ontario is priceless. As we were enjoying out delicacies, we saw several families cycling and a group of hikers. The area allows the typical open air activities loved by the ones who love and respect nature. I think next time we go there, I’ll dare go for a swim on the stone beach.

# 5 –Historic heritage

Going to such a historic city without getting immerse in its history would have been nonsense. We had a walk down Princess Street, a major arterial street where several historic buildings are waiting to be discovered. Queens University is part of all this heritage, as well as Bellevue House is. This house used to be the home of Canada’s first prime minister: Sir John Macdonald. Now it has been made a historical building that opens its doors to show the gardens where everything began, and also to offer events such as the whisky tasting adventure and the Xplorers program, this one for the little members of the family.


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