Five reasons to visit Austria

Land of fairies, pastries and lands taken from your most peaceful dreams, Austria doesn’t need to be on top of the world in literal meaning: it has proved that from the depth of a valley a region can be as starry and the sky.

#1 –Innsbruck

If magic exists, Innsbruck knows about that. I personally find that contrasts are the source of creativity, so I was speechless to see how the perfectionist baroque style silently lives at the laps of one of the most impressive range of mountains in the world. Cafeterias with their tables in the dim lit streets, the fabulous organization of its people and the discrete discos at night shape the Austrian daily routine.

#2 – Stubai Valley

This typical Tyrolean valley is dotted by a pocketful of villages that contribute to portray the Austrian identity. With activities that go from a full skiing afternoon to a quiet stroll along the paths that link the villages which, with their own unique personalities, share the incredible multi-green landscapes framed by snowy peaks. My favourite one was Neustift, which is very near the Glacier of Stubai. I loved the HausWaldesruh hotel with its out of this world view of the mountains.

#3 – Hallstat

This is one of the places in the world where time seems to stop. I came here with all the speed in my heart which I had carried from Salzburg after having driven eighty kilometres, but I became aware that it wasn’t in a rush that I was going to grasp the essence of the village. I calmed down and I went for a walk around the streets flanked by colourful houses that offer balconies with plants that fall like cascades. Some hours later I went up the Rudolf Tower and I let the whole town fill me with a peace that may well deserve the village the award of being named the eighth world’s wonder. Then I watched the immobile lake that bathes the foundations of the houses at its shores, and I realized that having that view every morning after opening your eyes, it’s enough reason to wake up at the crack of dawn.

#4 –Golling cascade

Before stepping on the viewpoint that allows you to watch how this unstoppable nature resource falls down mossy rocks, I used to wonder where all those gorgeous pictures of cascades where taken from. I found that Golling cascade was the answer. And believe me when I tell you that there’s no Photoshop on them. If I had been told that a community of fairies lived behind the cascade, I’d have believed it, especially after seeing the rainbow in front of it, product of the light passing through the tiny water drops suspended in the air… or product of magic itself.

#5 – Its cakes and coffee

As a dessert lover, my experience in the Austrian tea houses became part of what I like calling my heavenly experiences. The varieties of coffee range from the classical cappuccino to the coffee with cream or even ice-cream. Regarding the cakes, there are for all kinds of palate. The typical dominant flavors are walnuts, cream, vanilla, chocolate and, of course, coffee. I surrendered to the temptation of Punschkrapfen… in more than one occasion. Beneath the striking pink layer it dwell a combination that challenges your five senses: apricot jelly, cherry and chocolate syrup and a spongy cake soaked in rum.


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