5 Reasons to visit Romania

You may think that by paying one quick visit to this medium-size country, you’ll be able to see everything that pays off the effort of packing and flying there. That’s quite a misconception! I’ve travelled there three times already and I can swear you that every time I return, I discover a new nook that had been lurking in the city or in the natural lattice of peculiar tiles of History that shape one of the Black Sea’s favorites. Shall we discover it together?

#1 – Bran Castle

As if having been the inspiration for the mother vampiric Literature wasn’t enough, Bran Castle was used as a hospital during World War II and it’s now a picturesque museum. Although there are other castles which have proved to have stronger bonds with Vlad the Impaler, or if you prefer: Dracula, Bram Stoker chose this one to set his novel. It’s a pity that he never visited in the flesh. Anyway, apart from giving extraordinary parties in Halloween, the castle exhibits Queen Mary’s furniture and a group of typical medieval Romanian houses, with a watermill included, in the open air.

#2 – Transfagarasan road

If you think that driving is a dull activity you can’t avoid if you want to reach somewhere interesting, I dare you drive along Transfagarasan road. Stretched along its one hundred meters, you can find wildlife, incredible landscapes and the adrenaline that only two thousand meters above the ground can give you. When you’re tired, pull over on the road side to explore one of the several incredible villages scattered along the Carpathian valleys.

#3 – Bear sanctuary in Zarnesti

Apart from having incredible restaurants and colorful typical houses, Brasov is the point of departure to the bear sanctuary in Zarnesti, home of the homeless. Be prepared to shed a couple of tears if you take the tour in English. A well prepared guide will put you in front of a screen where you’ll see the dreadful conditions in which those animals used to live. This is a wonderful experience to give your kids since they will be able to learn how important guaranteeing freedom in safe conditions is for animals all around the globe.

#4 – Pubs and restaurants

As a food lover, I tried several restaurants and pubs for a snack before a real dinner. I absolutely fell in love with Nomad. If you want to feel you’re having a beer in the middle of a medieval tavern, this is the place. The best of all is that it combines the aesthetic of the Middle Ages with the modern facilities we all seek when choosing a place where to spend our evenings. I loved the tuna and octopus carpaccio!

# 5 –Piatra Craiului National Park

When you want to let nature set the pace of your heart, Piatra Craiului is the place. This is a really tiny portion of green vegetation, but it’s surrounded by the Carpathian mountains, which is more than enough to have several options to do. Trekking seems to be the queen of them. However, just sitting there as you let time go by is a good idea after some crazy days around the city.


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