Top 5 Canadian Casino Travel Destinations

Apart from offering awesome natural sceneries and culturally vibrant cities, Canada also knows how to play. I travelled there to discover that a casino can truly be an entertainment temple instead of just a monotonous milieu for gambling. Therefore, I think it’s time to share such experience with the world.

# 1 – Niagara Falls

Gambling and admiring the Falls can go hand-in-hand. Within the surroundings of this wonder, a two gaming floor casino emerges like a geyser, Casino Niagara. I loved the very many options for dinner: buffet, aromatic teas and deli sandwiches at the bar and a sports bar with fifty HD plasmas to take your adrenaline for a ride.

# 2 – Quebec

I have to admit that it was hard for me to leave the old city to dive into a place that has nothing to do with the historical legacy of the city. After a city tour in which we visited Chateau Frontenac and Battlefields Park, among other beauties, I thought I’d be too tired to bet my money at Casino Montreal, but I was wrong to think that gambling was all this place has to offer. The drinks served in its bar are definitely exclusive. I recommend the Paloma Bahamas since it gave me back all the energy the city tour had drained from me. After having drunk it, I enjoyed a lively music show and also I made some bets. There was a comedy show announced for the following day, but we were leaving the city in the morning, so unfortunately I couldn’t see it.

# 3 – Nova Scotia

It’s crazy to think that a city that harbours such an emblematic lighthouse like Peggy’s Cove and such a formal museum like the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic can have the restless nightlife that throbs at Casino Nova Scotia. What really called my attention were the different tributes dedicated to music legends as, for example, Elvis Presley.

# 4 – Ontario

Ontario has another casino through which it can boast about the entertainment and the luxury the city distills. I found particularly interesting the featured slots, especially the one of Game of Thrones, with which I won more than five hundred dollars. It seemed to have been my lucky night. That night, I invited dinner. It was in one of the eight restaurants of the Casino Rama Resort, the places that seemed to have been waiting for us with our names on a table.

# 5 –Alberta

Alberta wasn’t my lucky city regarding betting. Anyway, I still had the change of what I had won at the second casino in Ontario, so we took some guided tours and we paid the entrance of several great places here in Alberta. We really liked the Rocky Mountain House Historical Site, where our kids learnt about the history of the place in a didactic way. However, at night we hired a baby sitter and we went to River Cree Resort and Casino. As I said before, it wasn’t my lucky night, but the premises of this gambling house are fantastic.


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