Top U.S. Casino Travel Destinations

What I really love when on a pleasure trip is combining some learning and productive activities with the leisure hours on the sand or the crazy moments in front of a slot machine. That is the reason why I made sure of choosing a destination instead of simply a casino hotel when we decided to do a gambling trip.

The best U.S. casino destinations to blow up your mind

#1 – Reno, Nevada

This is an authentic paradise for those who like the combination of gambling, good food and amenities. Reno is home of exclusive hotels and resorts. My favorite was definitely Peppermill Resort Spa Casino. The gaming are is huge and the setting is a mixture of nightlife, an extravagant decoration and huge screens that show incredible natural images of the area. What really called my attention about the place is that it encourages you to gamble responsibly. That’s what I call really caring about your guests. During the day we went to Virginia Lake Park, one of the several parks scattered around the city.

#2 – Shreveport, Louisiana

In this city we had two wonderful nights at Eldorado Resort Casino, which is bathed by the Red River waters. The rooms are classical and sober, and they are divided by categories such as premium king, premium queen or silver suite king. I wouldn’t say they were the best of the trip, but the seafood served at The Vintage restaurant was. After having lost a couple of hundreds of dollars gambling, I found consolation between a pair of strong arms doing something called deep tissue massage on my exhausted body.

#3 – Tucson, Arizona

The days spent at Casino del Sol were lively, busy and full of surprises. They have a rewarding system through which you obtain discounts because of the simple fact of choosing the casino. However, that’s not all. It’s got an incredible amphitheater where concerts and plays are performed. In the morning we visited some of the natural parks in Tucson and on the second day my husband visited some museums and art galleries. He told me Franklin Museum was his favorite. But I decided on a different proposal: the bike ride though historical Tucson, which was exhausting, but wonderful. I felt like a student again cycling along the university bike lanes.

#4 – Bossier City, Luisiana

At the Margaritaville Resort Casino they have the cutting-edge options in slot machines. I didn’t find those games nowhere else. The food should be considered a separate trip: varied, incredible and abundant. Once we stopped gambling, we visited the Red River National Wildlife Refuge. I have to admit my best photos were taken in this amazing place, specifically from the strategically placed viewpoints.  

#5 –Flagstaff, Navajo

I saved the best one to describe it last. Well, yes, I have to admit it’s the most expensive one, but it’s worth every penny. Everything is a party at Twin Arrows Casino Resort. When the sun has gone to sleep long ago, the lights sparkle in the gaming area and the music of the live performances plays in an eternal tribute to joy. As I said at the beginning, I can’t just have fun, guilt would kill me. To avoid the path of my own downfall, I booked the historical tour to learn about north Arizona history, geology and culture. But do you know what? It was terrifically good fun!


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