5 Travel Health Insurance Considerations

Travelling is an experience that goes beyond any possible expectations. However, health is not always on our side, so hiring a health insurance is a must before leaving your country. Skipping this step could lead you to having to spend exorbitant amounts of money if you happen to need medical assistance. Another very important issue about a health insurance is the things that can’t slip your mind when evaluating your best option. According to our own experience as a family, these are the five most important considerations.

What you should not play down when thinking about a health insurance --

# 1 – Make sure it includes evacuation

I’m sure you will feel more protected and enjoy your trip without any worries at all if your health insurance covers the medical care and an eventual emergency transportation. Not all of the insurances give you this service, so make sure the one you choose does it. This is an extra fee you may need to pay to be transported in a case of emergency in countries where your own doesn’t pay for this service.

# 2 – Check policy options thoroughly

Having a thorough look, even at the fine print every agreement includes, is essential before stepping on the plane. You have to be completely sure of what it includes and what it does not. Sometimes, an extra payment may result in all the tranquility you need to have, especially if you’re travelling with kids. Take the time to read everything in detail. Therefore, don’t leave this issue for the last two days before your departure. Organize your insurance with enough time to find another company if the first option doesn’t fit your needs. A wide coverage is always the best option. Whenever I travel, I hire insurances from any of these companies: the ten best health insurance companies, which have proved to be the best ones in their field. 

# 3 – Does it have a 24 hour contact phone line?

Don’t think this is a minor issue. Being able to contact the company at any time may be the difference between solving a serious health problem or simply not. Accidents don’t happen exclusively during office hours. It exists the possibility of you feeling really sick once everybody had gone to sleep. Ask this on first place before keeping on thinking you’ve chosen the right insurance company.

# 4 – Trip duration

The time you’re planning to stay is another issue to take into account. Are you going for a week or for three month? Some countries which require a visa to let you go there establish a health insurance as a mandatory requirement. For example, if you’re planning to travel to the Schengen Area, which is the area that comprises twenty-six European countries, you’ll have important benefits if you take a health insurance. Meanwhile, travelling to Ecuador isn’t allowed without health insurance.

# 5 – Activities you will be involved in

It’s definitely not the same booking a tour around Europe to admire the wonders inherited from the Renaissance than diving into a sub-aquatic adventure in Australia. Adventure tourism comes with its risks and a health insurance is the answer to enjoy such a trip leaving your worries in the experts’ hands.


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