Alien Borg Ship Returns To Our Sun With Small UFOs Exiting

On November 6, 2018, Scott C. Waring of UFOSighting spotted a cube near the sun. The cube appeared to have a small opening docking area, and the docking area had a single small cube UFO exiting from it.

The cube UFO is a common UFO that appears in a lot of SOHO images. It usually enters the surface of the sun. After a few days, it reappears in the sun’s orbit.

From the image, you’ll see that the cube has a dark opening, and it seems that something is coming from the dark opening. You can see a whitish trail from the dark opening to the edge of the cube. This could mean that the cube opened up a doorway, and whatever came out, left this whitish trail in its path.

UFO expert Scott C. Waring first encountered the alien cube on the 2nd of October, when he saw a bright spot of light escaping the Sun.

He noticed the object in one of the photos of the Sun photographed by NASA’S Solar and Heliosphere Observatory (SOHO).

Mr. Waring proposed that this “mystery” object is an example of advanced alien technology roughly the same mass as the size of the earth.

The pixelated object that Waring pulled from the SOHO photos appeared to be square shaped and had a long wispy trail of what could be gas or smoke behind it. The object also had a white-to-yellow glow surrounding it.

No one knows why this alien cube keeps returning to our solar system or what it wants with our sun. We can only hope that whatever it is, it is something good.

Some have said the cube is just a smudge on a picture, but what it really is, is a conspiracy cover-up by higher-ups.

In 2016, a Martian researcher observed a black cube "orbiting" the sun while he was analyzing an image sent back from SOHO.

This isn’t the first time a mysterious square was seen ‘lurking’ around the sun. Some have said the object is NASA’s way of covering up alien spacecraft that appears in the images.

“This cube has been seen before off and on,” explained Scott C. Waring of UFO Sightings Daily, on his blog. ‘The cube has been seen before off and on.”

“Sometimes it’s seen in three dimensions other times like this just two.”

In  2011, a similar square-shaped object was seen floating around the top area of the sun. NASA presented the same claim to cover up UFOs orbiting the ball of gas by NASA.

“For a cube to be missing from a photo either it was cut out by NASA to hide something, or it is a cube flying in orbit around the sun?” writes Waring.

Waring further explained that scientists from all over the globe have confirmed that UFOs are orbiting the sun and that these UFOs are much larger than our earth. Hopefully, NASA will soon stop covering up all these alien sightings and come out with the truth.


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