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Mandela Effect Masterminds Change Geography With Unknown Technology

We all know that continents move. Millions of years ago, the shape of our planet was completely different than what we see today. However, in recent years, several researchers have suggested that changes in geography are way faster than we think. And, according to them, a key element in this situation is what is called “The Mandela Effect”, which consists in a series of alternative realities that (we still do not know for sure) are strangely mixed together.

A recent article published on famous website NewGoldenAge.info states that “with the Mandela Effect, landmasses around the Earth have been moving around constantly for perhaps years now”. It says that “some people cannot, or will not perceive changes in geography. The reason is usually that their subconscious is fighting with the idea of a change so radical that a whole piece of land could move, and so they cannot see it”.

The written explains that Earth’s continents are moving again towards each other, which could eventually lead to a single continent. “There is a huge trend towards connectivity. Landmasses all over the world seem to be reaching out towards each other, forming landbridges, connected areas, and as a result, inland seas”, it states. “As landmasses connect across history so will different races - both animal species as humans with different skin colours and traditions. There will be much more trade, cultural transmission, a better development of a global language, and as a result, less separation, misunderstanding and cultural bias”, it continues.

Additionally, the article mentions three predictions for the short future. First, the ice cap on both South and North Poles “will disappear”. Second, “deserts will start to withdraw or significantly lessen”; and third, “whole new continents will appear”. It says that old places like Avalon or Atlantis will emerge again due to this changes, too.

“Our world is becoming whole again, and so the landmasses are making space to allow these split-off parts space to fold back in”, the note asserts. “That is to say, we're getting Atlantis back by the time this is done changing (anywhere from a decade to a hundred years), and Avalon, and places like that. And most of us won't even care, because they've ‘always been here’”, it expresses.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: http://www.newgoldenage.info/index.php/shift/the-mandela-effect/what-is-changing/395-mandela-effect-geography


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