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Mandela Effect Reality Manipulation: Chickens That Can Now Fly and Other Oddities

For years now, many people have been talking about the Mandela Effect. This phenomenon is often described as a group of strange experiences that, according to some researchers, could be linked to the existence of alternate realities. Amongst these, several individuals have described changing logotypes, historic events that most of us remember different, and even landmasses that appear and disappear without further explanation.

Now, a recent video published on YouTube by Planet Nibiru includes new findings regarding this phenomenon, including red bananas and chickens that can fly.

“Many folks have never heard or seen red bananas. I personally have never heard of seen of a red banana until today. But, evidently, they are out there; some people say it tastes like strawberries or mangoes”, the YouTube user asserted. “Others say they have been eating them all their lives, but I am one of those who have never heard or seen one”, he added.

The author of the video also mentioned the recent case of a recording that shows what has been described as “flying chickens”. “Something that is new to me is flying chickens. This is probably one of my favourite cases about the new Mandela Effect, because I have always thought that chickens could not fly”, he said. “However, now it seems that they can fly. Surely, they can flap their wings when they jump, they can go four or five feet above the ground, but I always thought that they could fly long distances, like twenty or thirty feet across a field”, he continued.

Finally, Planet Nibiru made reference to a couple of oddities related to animals: the existence of hairless raccoons and flying snakes. “Many of us have never known that they existed, but they do. I personally have never seen a hairless raccoon, but it seems to be very common to other people”, the user stated. “[About flying snakes] I know they drop out of trees to prey, but I did not know that flying snakes existed. However, evidently, they do”, he expressed.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9wVHYZ0kjU


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