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Mandela Effect Architects Grow Moustaches on Horses Among Other Oddities

Recently, we have seen a lot of information on the news regarding the Mandela Effect. This phenomenon has been often described as a sudden connection between two alternate realities, which causes all sort of strange events in our lives.

A few days ago, YouTube user and researcher Johnny Kashmere published a video in which he analyses some oddities that are allegedly related to the Mandela Effect.

First, Mr Kashmere analysed what is happening to horses around the world. He first talked about miniature horses. “Did you know that miniature horses existed? These horses are the size of a kid and they will never grow”, he said. “If these things have been around forever, why do we not have them as pets?”, he wondered. Additionally, he made reference to “normal” horses that now have grown moustaches. “Now, the big horses have always had moustaches”, he expressed. “How come we have never seen horses with moustaches before? Nowadays, they seem to be everywhere, in every picture”, he commented.

Continuing with more oddities, the YouTube user also made reference to two more animals: a hairless raccoon and a flying scorpion. “It is not a raccoon that someone has shaved, this is a breed of raccoon called ‘Hairless Raccoon’. This has always been out there and we had never seen it”, he asserted. “How about flying scorpions? This thing is probably the size of a mosquito, but if you look at the tail, you can surely see the sting”, he explained.

Finally, Mr Kashmere talked about another unusual animal called “The Damascus Goat”. In his opinion, this is “the ugliest thing on the world”. “Its eyes have like a weird skin over them, and the mouth protrudes out. It just does not look real”, he manifested. “I don’t know. It looks like an alien”, he said.

“It is unbelievable. All these things are getting weirder”, he expressed.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOzFkfiIENo



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