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Ancient Cave Paintings Show Interdimensional Reptilian Entities

“There are cave and rock paintings of Reptilian gods that were worshipped in Africa 70,000 years ago”.

This is what researcher, writer and poet Harold Beebe affirms to have discovered in one of his most recent investigations. He claims in a post published on Facebook that these Reptilian entities could actually have “not only influenced humanity's past but also controlled and guided the formation of human civilization”.

“We have argued for years whether recorded history began 6000 years ago, or much further back before recorded history. Ancient Mesopotamia is the place most UFO researchers point to as the place the aliens went and manipulated humanity to create modern man with gene manipulation”, he states. “We can see again and again that humans saw different ‘gods’, which may have looked very different. However it is possible that it was the same beings using a different glamour to change their appearance in each time period”, he comments.

Mr Beebe explains that these beings could be extraterrestrial in origin, yet he is convinced that they also come from another dimension. “I am inclined to believe the creatures are other-dimensional in origin. I suspect they use dimensional gateways to travel from their dimension to others”, he asserts. “It is possible this is how they could reach our Moon, Mars and elsewhere in our galaxy. They apparently can and do operate ‘space’ vessels. However, their primary mode of travel is dimensional gateways”, he added.

“Because they are beings of frequency and vibration, when they are in an area a high pitched hum can be heard. People have thought it was tinnitus or some other source. The frequency registers at around 48 Hertz. This hum reported present when these beings are nearby”, the researcher expressed. “For some unknown reason these beings had also an affinity for gold, and were always depicted near it in all their many incarnations and stories. Further, they were repelled by iron, which the Catholic Church took note of putting large iron gates around their churches”, he theorised.

“The real question is: will we be able to take back our destiny going into our future?”, he wondered.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/groups/961481447272242/permalink/2160355830718125/


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