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CERN And Area 51 Could Be Linked, New Evidence Suggests

For years, several researchers and scientists have warned about the effects of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) on human life, suggesting that this device (which is thought to be the most advanced machine ever created) could be even altering time and space.

Now, a recent video published by YouTube user Eye Opened seems to add more evidence to this hypothesis. According to this video, the LHC is possibly linked to unusual activities in renowned USAF Area 51.

The YouTube user quoted a video labelled as “The Frantic Caller”, which is about a phone call made by a man that claimed to have worked in the Area 51 who says that what we know today as “aliens” are actually “interdimensional beings” that have been contacted by space agencies through different programs, included CERN’s LHC.

“The key element in this conversation is that he [the phone caller] says they [aliens] are interdimensional beings”, Eye Opened stated. So, perhaps that is what is being done here on CERN. They [scientists at CERN] are somehow trying to create stronger contact, to create a bridge to the ‘other ones’, to improve communications… who knows? However, something extra dimensional is going on there”, he added.

Some YouTube users have opined about this issue, and they believe the consequences could be catastrophic. “They [scientists] want to open Pandora's Box! They want to try and see if they can be bad asses when they won't be at all”, said a user called Chris Burnette. “They are trying to interact with interdimensional beings (demons); however because it produced a side effect of giving millions of people an epiphany and exposed their lies, it was shut down for 2 years of so called ‘maintenance upgrades’”, affirmed another user named Knowledge vs Wisdom.

On Facebook, it has raised similar opinions. Sean Flanagan, from The Mandela Effected group, claimed that “it [LHC] is also connected to the pyramids, other dimensions, aliens, the ‘multiverse’ and so on”,  

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/The.Mandela.Effect.Project/posts/1210348392453077?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARCwwkdhn6Q8xm1x7zn0rihsr1wvgmyZocLcKTxllvzg-flZUWLvPya6BlbVlKbcZegU7-eBEuhhdd0kP5OzVbZ-pNUgWB4hjS3aBFNwYvXtPRxWrTBGBEM0WFenmPkjTJxKk8zUtqPM5jH4rRNC4JRt4Y4AvxAnhxbTIFL_R95ysjgtf7wVBK-n6eK01_n8PrUHw-yy6i93Zt0MtIi4l1biSsNn12aOp0Xo-YebxPkDTjMdZS5E7DMRioBB14PhooZyAH2SZ0Lknbm5hDPJm3jx_kdZuAjK1AyK6N8RLRF93ERMLdlQOa4NGq1KWVO4igH5XPymQbgVSTAekPLItTMNAg&__tn__=-R


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