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Interbreeding With Aliens Could Help Us Survive Climate Change, Oxford Scientist Suggests

Day after day, concerning reports regarding global warming and climate change appear in the news, making us believe that the end of civilisation is near. How could we survive this? For an Oxford’s Oriental Institute professor, the answer is very simple: interbreed with aliens.

According to a recent article published on online news site Energy Live News, Oxford’s Oriental Institute professor Young-hae Chi affirms that abductees are allegedly breeding with aliens so as to create climate-change resistant creatures.

“Could we interbreed with aliens to survive climate change? A scientist from Oxford University suggests we already might be”, the article states. “Dr Young-hae Chi, Professor at Oxford’s Oriental Institute, claims invisible creatures from outer space share the Earth with humans and are breeding with abductees to create climate change-resistant ‘hybrids’”, it adds.

The hypothesis was presented to the Oxford Union –a private debate society- as a subject for debate, but unfortunately it was not accepted. However, Dr Chi has continued to talk about it and even has published a book.

Additionally, the article explains that, according to Dr Chi, although humans cannot always perceive aliens, they do exist and share environment. “The professor says humans cannot perceive the aliens because they don’t have the necessary senses but claims the mysterious beings share the same biosphere and as a result, are also affected by climate change”, the written asserts. “He believes there is a strong correlation between climate change and alien abductions – he claims a ‘hybrid’ species have been created and already walk among humans”, it continues.

“Dr Chi thinks ‘hybrids’ are a way of storing DNA for the future, as well as being more survivable and more intelligent than normal humans”, the report expresses. “It is not only scientists and theologians but also non-human species who appear to be greatly concerned about the survivability of the human species”, said Dr Chi, quoted by Energy Live News.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.energylivenews.com/2019/04/29/could-interbreed-with-aliens-to-survive-climate-change/



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