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Mandela Effect: Woman Affirms To Have Witnessed Her Death In Another Reality

A couple of weeks ago, on 25 April, researcher and writer Cynthia Sue Larson published a very interesting article on her online blog Reality Shifters in which she explains how she found out she had died in an alternate reality.

According to Ms Larson, she experienced what has been called “The Alive Again Phenomenon”. “One of the most astonishing types of reality shifts is the Alive Again phenomenon, in which someone is witnessed as being alive after having previously been reported dead”, she said. “And without a doubt, the most stunning type of Alive Again experience is one in which you yourself are the person that people heard had died–and this year was the first time I heard from someone reporting that I had died–fortunately to come back and be Alive Again!”, she added.

Ms Larson stated she first heard of her death when an Ontario resident called Steve Boucher sent her an e-mail telling her the terrible news. “I watched your interview with Regina Meredith on Gaia TV and have been a fan of your work for a while now.  Shortly after the interview with Regina, I decided to visit your Facebook page to learn more.  Upon arriving at your Facebook page, I was greeted with a message from your husband stating that he regretted to inform us that you had passed away and that you had been ill for quite a while”, said the mail sent by Mr Boucher. “A month or so later, I noticed a new video of yours on YouTube and was amazed to see that it was a recent video.  Then I started to notice more recent videos popping up on YouTube. It didn’t take me long to realize that you were still alive!”, it continued.

Ms Larson affirmed she became seriously ill soon after the interview Mr Boucher mentions, and commented to her friends she thought she was ”close to death”. “I had been so ill in December 2016 that I commented to just a few closest friends and family that I felt I’d been close to death”, she expressed.

“To me, this incident is a great deal bigger than most all the other types of reality shifts I report in the monthly RealityShifters ezine.  And I feel very grateful to Steve and all others who felt I might die and had an adverse emotional reaction to that possibility”, Ms Larson wrote.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://cynthiasuelarson.wordpress.com/2019/04/25/i-just-learned-i-died-in-another-reality/


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