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Woman Says To Have Experienced Mandela Effect After Surgery

A few days ago, on 22 April, an unidentified woman published a very interesting story on famous conspiracy website Above Top Secret, in which she describes her own experience with the Mandela Effect after a recent surgery she had.

According to the lady, she was “under anaesthesia for 5 hours” and, soon after this, she started remembering some family situations very differently.

“About a month after surgery I was sitting listening to a conversation between my step-daughter and her dad. My step-daughter was describing when she had braces (very young - prior to me meeting her dad). I didn’t say a word I just sat there and tried to sort out what I was hearing”, she said. “She [the woman’s daughter] described to both her dad and her younger brother all the steps she went through - the entire process of getting braces, a retainer, etc... The subject came up because her little brother has a gap between his two front teeth”, she added.

To this point, this looks like a trivial fact. However, the author of the report was shocked because, according to her, this actually never happened. “Here is what is bothering me: I clearly remember that prior to my surgery this subject [her step-daughter operation] had come up in conversation on several prior occasions. When the discussion came up I was consistently told that my step-daughter had never had braces. I haven’t had a stroke, I’m not taking any narcotics or mind altering medications (I’m in my 40’s)… this is just one single tiny thing that caught my attention”, she affirmed. “There was no reason for anyone to ever have lied about this”, she continued.

“For years I have wondered exactly where our consciousness goes when we go under anaesthesia. I guess I am concerned that I will wake up in an alternative universe (I did watch way too much Twilight Zone as a kid). I have always been a bit leery of general anaesthesia the same way Dr Leonard McCoy on Star Trek was a bit leery of using the transporter”, the woman stated. “Has anyone else had a similar experience - where they identified that something in their “remembered” pre-op universe had changed after undergoing general anaesthesia?”, she wondered.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1237016/pg1


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