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Researcher Explains The 3 Main Qualities Of Genuine Mandela Effect Experiences

In the last decades, many people have experienced a strange phenomenon called the Mandela Effect, which is related to alternate realities and changes in our memories.

Now, how do we know if we have had a true Mandela Effect experience? According to an article published by researcher and writer Cynthia Sue Larson on her blog Reality Shifters, there are three key elements to identify genuine Mandela Effect experiences.

First, Ms Larson states that our memories are actually “the only evidence people are able to find of Mandela Effect examples when they are the genuine article”. She affirms that “some of the reasons that memories have been noted for not corresponding to historical recorded facts just might be that the Mandela Effect has been happening since before the dawn of human recorded history–which is what I believe is actually true”.

Second, the American researcher explains that the two versions of a reality (the one most of people remember and the one affected by the Mandela Effect) never coexist. “One of the identifying hallmarks of the Mandela Effect is that when our attention is riveted by a possible case of Mandela Effect, we will not find simultaneous physical proof showing other realities we might remember”, she says. “When testing to see whether a possible example of the Mandela Effect is genuine, and we turn up a strong presence of side-by-side examples of, for example, a corporate logo in transition–then we acknowledge that this is not an example of the Mandela Effect”, she added.

And in third place, she asserts that “genuine Mandela Effect examples of reality shifts (that are seemingly happening randomly) and quantum jumps (that might be associated with miraculous instant changes) can sometimes be experienced as “flip-flopping” back and forth between different possible realities”. “During these times of flip-flopping realities, we will not see side-by-side examples of concurrent physical realities existing simultaneously, but rather just one or another–even though we know we’ve seen the other realities”, she continued.

“Now that we know that the assumptions forming the basis for material realism are so shaken by findings of quantum physics experiments, it’s time to start refining and revising the above assumptions of material realism into assumptions that include mind along with matter, and that better agree with the findings of quantum physics”, Ms Larson expressed.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://cynthiasuelarson.wordpress.com/2016/07/20/mandela-effect-test-how-to-recognize-true-mandela-effects/


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