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Mandela Effect Is Leading Us To Quantum Logic, Researcher Affirms

In the last two decades, the number of people who claim to have had Mandela Effect-related experiences has grown considerably. These experiences, frequently described as “reality shifts” or “quantum jumps”, are now being studied by several researchers who have tried to explain why they occur and how they can –and could- affect our lives.

According to an article published by famous researcher and writer Cynthia Sue Larson on her blog Reality Shifters, one of the most noticeable consequences of the Mandela Effect is the change in our notion of reality. “Once we begin to notice Mandela Effects in which we can compare notes and observe changes to human anatomy, geography, passages in books we’ve memorized by heart, and more–we also start noticing changes in our personal lives where we might not be able to compare notes with anyone else”, Ms Larson explained. “Yet once our eyes have been opened to the fact that we seem to be observing changes in physical reality, we also begin to ask why such changes occur. And this line of questioning can bring us to a place of playing with shifting realities more consciously–with quantum jumping from one reality to the next”, she added.

The terms “quantum jump”, “quantic reality” and “quantic logic” seem to be intrinsically related to the Mandela Effect since, according to the American researcher, this phenomenon “offers to take humanity out of our current tendencies toward presumption of material realism and classical True-False logic into the realm of quantum logic, where facts are entangled and sometimes seemingly unrelated things move together coherently, like birds of a flock moving in perfect synchrony”.

“Mandela Effects, reality shifts and quantum jumps show us that just because we think something is a certain way doesn’t mean it will stay that way, or that others will believe that they have experienced it that way”, Ms Larson asserted. “Our views of unbiased observers and impartial judges will be completely changed, as we appreciate how information can travel anywhere instantaneously, and how everyone and everything is interconnected”, she commented.

“The ultimate destination for humanity may be unknown, in terms of just how radically we may eventually be capable of evolving ourselves and our environment as we master our mind-body-spirit connection with the physical world. Yet we can be relatively certain that as long as we keep asking questions such as, “How good can it get?!”, we likely have a wonderful future to look forward to!”, the researcher stated.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://cynthiasuelarson.wordpress.com/2017/05/07/where-is-the-mandela-effect-taking-us/


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