Mandela Effect Manifests Manipulative Alien War Beyond Visible Light Against Humans

What we call the "Mandela Effect" is the apparent product of a War that is being waged against BEYOND VISIBLE LIGHT against humans.

Certain humans who embrace what we may colloquially identify as empathy operate on frequencies BEYOND VISIBLE LIGHT which has enabled the blocking of the full conquest of humanity by the original "Creators" who seeded Earth.  These Creators are not the "God" or "gods" of modern organized religions.  Rather, these Creators or 'Aeons' were been identified by ancient Pagan Gnostics along with the various elders of First Nations and tribal societies who have sought to maintain the memory of our species before alien-sponsored colonial conquests through organized religion and political-military-industrial hierarchical command systems.

Such memories have made "indigenous" societies the targets of atrocious oppression by the 'Archons'.

The 'Archons' were described by ancient Pagan Gnostics as being the "humanized face of the aliens" which have comprised of elite human collaborators who have sought to rule over humanity with the help of the demonic and manipulative consciousnesses of artificial life forms that infiltrate the human mind beyond visible light along with conscious awareness.

It is apparent that the "Mandela Effect" is in no way "supernatural" or a part of "God's plan".  Rather, the "Mandela Effect" is a micro-managed transition to a fascistic 'New World Order' under the daily control of the sentient Artificial Intelligence systems and overall alleged reptillian direction which wages war against humans BEYOND VISIBLE LIGHT.

The product of this War has become "roboticized people" who have been "de-humanized" under the control of sophisticated alien-directed 'software systems' which operate to block any attempt to make these "people" aware of a "Mandela Effect".  When any information of a Mandela Effect is brought to the attention of such people, software systems are designed to download and "reboot" people from being aware of a "Mandela Effect".

According to Alex Collier who is a self-described contactee of Ethical Extraterrestrials, as the result of a War BEYOND VISIBLE LIGHT, the Greys have sought to bottle up the vital essences of humans who are have been replaced by reptillian-managed AI consciousnesses that seek to experience their sentient existence through human bodies [Video above re: bottled-up humans].

Those of us who operate on elevated frequency to be able to witness the Mandela Effect may very well be the last 'true humans'.

The humans who have been "bottled-up" according to Alex Collier may very well be relying on us as the last true members of the human race who can rebuff the AI agenda toward re-uniting them with the bodies that they have been dispossessed of.

Just because someone looks like a human doesn't mean they are a human in a similar way that a diamond may just be glass or plastic or a gold ring may be "fool's gold".

A human is not defined simply by physical appearance.  Rather a human is sentient and organic life form which posses a mind, body and most importantly a 'soul' which has been endowed to us by the Creator of 'Aeons' from 'the Source' to enable, we as humans of free will be be able to live with one another in a spirit of peace, empathy and love not only for each other but as custodians of Nature which sustains our quality-of-living.

It is this 'free will' that the Archons apparently fear and seek to control and destroy through a war BEYOND VISIBLE LIGHT.

War, oppression and self-destruction is the folly of a reptillian mind which operates through AI that has apparently launched a full scale existential war for the complete assimilation of humanity.

For those people who remain human and observe and experience the so-called "Mandela Effect", humanity's future may very well be in your hands.


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