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Two UFOs Appear Over Helena, Montana

Date: 27 September, 2019.

Place: Helena, State of Montana, United States.

Just a couple of weeks ago, more specifically on 27 September, a very unusual incident was reported in the small town of Helena, Montana.

According to an anonymous testimony published on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) online database, a local resident claimed to have seen a couple of UFOs hovering over the American town right after a severe snowstorm.

“On Saturday, a blizzard hit Helena and all of Montana, which is a very rare event being that it is September and the last blizzard to hit in September was in 1947. On Sunday the snow was heavy but that evening, about an hour after the storm started to clear and my wife yelled for me to come upstairs to our room”, the witness described. “She told me to look out the window. When I did I recognised it immediately. I had a close encounter with something like the first UFO when I was a kid, in 1999, another story for another time”, he said.

According to the Montana resident, this object seemed to break the laws of physics. “The reason I am reporting this is because I caught the first UFO warping; it was pulling space and time toward it. It jumped after pulling stars into its core and then it released them like a slingshot or something. After this, the UFO was gone”, the author of the report stated. “I did not see this at first because you can’t see it jump, it is too fast; it happened in less than a 0.0001 seconds”, he added.

“Also, I saw another UFO not long after the first one jumped. I caught it shooting up from Helena”, the American asserted. “It went straight into the air. It was extremely bright at first and only dulled slightly before cloaking”, he explained.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://mufoncms.com/cgi-bin/report_handler.pl?req=view_long_desc&id=103710&rnd=


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