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US Navy Secretly Develops Fusion Reactors To Be Used In Extra Large Space Carriers

Just a few weeks ago, on 12 October, renowned Australian researcher and writer Dr. Michael Salla published a very well explained article on his website Exopolitics.org, in which he analyses one of the most recent US Navy development and how this could change space travels forever.

According to Dr Salla, “the US Navy has authorized the publication of a patent for a nuclear fusion reactor that can both generate enormous quantities of power and yet be small enough to be fitted on mobile platforms, including spacecraft”. “The inventor is Dr Salvator Pais, who works at the Naval Air Warfare Centre Aircraft Division and has previously lodged other patents on behalf of the Navy concerning a hybrid air, water, and space vehicle propelled and protected by electromagnetic fields”, he added.

Based on Mr Salla findings, the invention consists of small fusion reactors that operate with “plasma magnetic confinement”. Salvator Pais, quoted by Mr Salla, asserted that “these devices feature short plasma confinement times, possible plasma instabilities with the scaling of size, and it is questionable whether they have the ability of achieving the break-even fusion condition, let alone a self-sustained plasma burn leading to ignition”.

The Australian researcher then explained how this patent could be related to an old dream of US Navy officials: large, cigar-shaped space carriers. “The nuclear fusion reactors used in the Navy’s secret space program are over four decades old, which provides a compelling reason for why the Navy is allowing the release of these technologies now”, Mr Salla expressed. “Critically, by patenting the nuclear fusion reactor and the other revolutionary electromagnetic propulsion technologies released by Pais, the Navy would not only save funds that it would otherwise have to pay companies for the use of such technologies, but also potentially raise enormous revenue in the future to fund its secret space program for decades to come”, he continued.

“The Navy’s release of the nuclear fusion reactor patent is an extraordinary event that can revolutionize the aerospace industry and our planet very quickly with cheap and virtually unlimited electrical power”, he affirmed.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.exopolitics.org/us-navy-patent-for-nuclear-fusion-reactor-supports-claims-of-mile-long-space-carriers/



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