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Aliens: Acapulco Resident Witnesses Two Tall Alien Entities

Date: 04 January, 2020.

Place: La Venta, State of Guerrero, Mexico.

A couple of weeks ago, more specifically on 04 January, a very strange incident occurred in a small Mexican village called La Venta, which is located just a few miles away from the famous city of Acapulco.

According to an anonymous report published on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) online database, a man affirmed that his best friend, after seeing a group of strange lights in the sky, had a close encounter with a couple of tall humanoid entities.

“My best friend from school, who lives in Mexico now, sent me some videos with sounds and strange lights. He really has no reason to tell me this, but he looks a little shaken up as he's telling me his story”, the author of the report asserted. “He says that he saw lights that were hovering over up in the sky at around 3.00 a.m. […]He says that he felt the lights noticed that he was taking video of them and that what was a group of yellow/blueish lights turned dark blue, like a dark light sort of. Then, he says they focused on him”, the informer claimed.

However, minutes later, the situation became even odder, since a couple of tall beings appeared to be outside the witness’s house. “He [the witness] described a being that looked like feminine thing, but that she also looked like a snake because it had a tail. She was less than 10 feet away. The other being was maybe 20-30 feet apart, and was about 7 feet tall”, the report explains. “He describes it as like two individuals merged together with two heads. He says he looked like a big wrestler with huge arms and an extra arm coming out of his back”, it continues.

“Most of the [witness’s] friends were sceptical of his story, but did say that they've seen stuff too, but not as hardcore as how his story sounds. He then went to his grandma’s and told them the story too, but they dismissed it as crazy stories because the video is bad”, the unnamed informer mentioned. “I hope he can tell what he saw to someone that will listen”, he asserted.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://mufoncms.com/cgi-bin/report_handler.pl?req=view_long_desc&id=105387&rnd=


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