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Our Canadian Cities

A Ukrainian family fleeing Russia's war is greeted warmly in Ottawa

Posted on 05 April 2022

'I'd like to express my gratitude to everyone.

'Safety is the most important thing for us right now,' a teen says.

Anna Gugashashvili wiped away tears as she walked toward the house where she and her family will live for the time being.

"I just want to thank everyone," said the 18-year-old Ukrainian who arrived in Ottawa from Romania on Sunday.

"Right now, safety is the ...

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COVID-19: Elites cry out against social gatherings in Toronto park

Posted on 25 May 2020

As the on the coronavirus pandemic continues around the world, there are concerns that relaxed COVID-19 restrictions could spark a second wave of cases. Those concerns were magnified Saturday with images that showed serious overcrowding at one Toronto park. In the above video, Heather Yourex-West reports.

But, what kind of "virus" is going to spread in an open park like this?
It is appa ...

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Coronavirus: 5G Auto-Immune Disease worsens in Montréal

Posted on 05 May 2020

Montreal continues battle the 5G Auto-Immune Disease.  City officials are ramping up efforts to test anyone who is showing signs of illness.
The city's public health director, Dr. Mylène Drouin, recently announced that, despite her assertion on April 16 that the rate of increase had begun to level off, the situation now appears to be getting worse.

"We are not lowering the epidemic ...

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Corona-Fascism: Ottawa Sun documents more Gatineau Police abuses

Posted on 14 April 2020

It seems that we, at The Canadian is not the only media organization exposing the fascist and unlawful activities of Gatineau and Quebec provincial police.
The Gatineau Police is simply using the pandemic to be the as-holes that they are supported by the equally corrupt red neck Mayor of Gatineau.

The Ottawa Sun has now documented the following activities which violate the Cana ...

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Corrupt Quebec Police block Gatineau traffic exiting to Ottawa similar to a Communist country

Posted on 12 April 2020

Today, Quebec police stepped up their illegal activities between Gatineau and Ottawa.  At about 2 PM on Saturday, April 11th an unmarked Quebec police vehicle and police officers were seen on Alexandre-Taché Blvd about 70 metres before the Chaudière Bridge blocking eastbound traffic turning right going into Ottawa.  Another set of police with a marked Gatineau Police vehicl ...

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Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson makes announcement on festivals

Posted on 09 April 2020

Are you seeking information on what's going on regarding Ottawa festivals?
You're invited to check out the above video.
Mayor Jim Watson made a detailed announcement on 7 April 2020.
You're invited to make comments below.

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Coronavirus: Quebec Premier, Gatineau mayor choose stupid cops over more healthcare

Posted on 12 April 2020

There has been no advisory issued by either the Trudeau government in general or Health Canada to support the need for "border controls" regarding Canadians travelling into Quebec. Yet, Quebec Premier François Legault backed by Gatineau Mayor Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin has seen fit to spend huge amounts of Quebec public taxpayer money on two levels of Quebec Police Departments having border c ...

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How Toronto Public Library exploits charities and authors alike

Posted on 31 March 2020

One very disturbing practice in Toronto as compared to other cities across Canada is how taxpayer-supported public facilities have been taken over by apparent cliques, which exploit these spaces for private and commercial gain.

I work for a not-for-profit and charitable organization, which seeks to serve authors and artisans while supporting literacy and a food drive for the homeless and wo ...

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Six Mega-projects to be completed in Toronto this year

Posted on 03 January 2019

Toronto seeks to complete a variety of mega projects this year.  In the above video, Devo and Mel share some of the big projects that should be completed in 2019 like Union Station and the Liberty Village pedestrian bridge.
BlogTO writes that there are more mega projects under construction in Toronto right now than perhaps anywhere else in North America, as you can see from al ...

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Suburbs Trying to Improve Relations with Montreal

Posted on 08 September 2018

According to a news report, new joint committees are scheduled to be put in place starting this fall. The communities could pave to an eventual overhaul of how the island-wide decision-making body – the agglomeration council – operates. The mayor of Montreal West, Beny Masella, while speaking to Global news said that the Plante administration has agreed to meet and discuss the outs ...