Corona-Fascism: Ottawa Sun documents more Gatineau Police abuses

It seems that we, at The Canadian is not the only media organization exposing the fascist and unlawful activities of Gatineau and Quebec provincial police.

The Gatineau Police is simply using the pandemic to be the as-holes that they are supported by the equally corrupt red neck Mayor of Gatineau.

The Ottawa Sun has now documented the following activities which violate the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms -

Motorists with first-hand experience crossing the bridges say the safe-distance zone is not always respected. Last week, a man from Low, Que., said he was turned away from his own residence by an officer who was only inches from his window and took his vehicle papers away for inspection.

John Savage, meanwhile, writes that he was driving east on Taché Boulevard on Thursday with his father, Bob, who is 83 and in a high-risk group for the effects of COVID-19, which has killed dozens of the elderly.

He says they weren’t even intending to use the Chaudière Bridge when they were stopped near the corner of Eddy Street. He said the officer was on the passenger side of the car and, despite being asked otherwise, insisted the older man lower his window.

“Why did he choose to speak through my father’s window instead of through mine, when elderly people are more at risk?” he asks.

“As police are in high contact with lots of people and at greater risk of spreading the virus, why aren’t they wearing masks to protect us?”

Savage says the incident “spooked” him because he’s tried to limit his father’s contacts with others during the pandemic. And he adds there was no good reason to stop them in the first place as they weren’t headed to Ontario.

This newspaper has heard from other Quebec residents who feel increasingly constricted by a set of travel bans to Ontario but also within West Quebec itself.

A woman wrote about relatives who sold their home (pre-pandemic) in Gracefield, Que. — about 100 kilometres north of Gatineau — with the intention of renting a place in Aylmer. When they went to view the apartment, the police stopped them en route, declaring the trip wasn’t essential. They are, understandably, worried about where they’re going to live beyond the closing date.

Another reader, Brenda Parker, wrote about her 87-year-old mother who lives alone in Low, Que., and relies on her children to bring her groceries every two weeks. Her daughter reports she crossed the Macdonald-Cartier Bridge without incident on Saturday morning, only to be stopped with her load of supplies about 10 minutes from Low.

At first denied passage, Parker finally persuaded the officer she would make a quick drop-off and be done in minutes.

“It is also more stressful for my mom, thinking that if something happens, we can’t get to her,” the Cumberland resident wrote.

And, on the weekend, we hear of yet more travel restrictions from the Pontiac — which does not have an abundance of retail and health services — to areas that do, like Gatineau.

So, ordinary civilians should use masks, we’re told, but the police don’t think they’re really necessary. And people in Ottawa can drive wherever they want, but those in Quebec are being increasingly hemmed in, with the threat of fines.

COVID-19 is, indeed, suffocating us, in more ways than one.


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