Aliens and Climate Change: Some people are not humans?


Fossil fuel burning humans and Mother Nature are on a collision course. The exponentially expanding population craves more and more energy to power the things that apparently make life worth living: cars, planes, TVs, computers, lawn mowers, washing machines, and on and on.  It is perfectly natural to want a better life, one in which appliances do in minutes what takes a man (or more likely a woman) hours of sweat to accomplish.  Nearly all this power comes from burning fossil fuels in one form or another.

It is an almost universally accepted fact that burning fossil fuels is bad for the planet.  That is an understatement.  If we do not seriously curtail the amount of fossil fuel that is being burnt, and the subsequent spray of CO2 into the atmosphere, the planet will die.  The news is full of headlines like Greenland's Ice Melt foreshadows Planetary Armageddon, which begin a thoughtful article outlining the fact that the planet is warming faster than anyone predicted.  Every day there are reports of more droughts, or severe storms and floods.  Satellite maps of the world show an alarming percentage of desert.Why do people not see this?  Is it sheer stupidity linked to ignorance?  Is it sheer greed (coal, gas and oil make massive profits for the companies that extract and sell them)?  Or is there something going on that few people are aware of?

Several researchers, including Dr. John Lash, have looked at the insights of the ancient Pagan Gnostics who postulated that we humans are spiritually linked to one another and also to Mother Nature in ways which condition us to avoid conflict while we seek to protect our environment.  As this is so obviously not the nature of far too many humans, there must be some other factor at work.  The Pagan Gnostic theory is that the Earth’s population is made up of human and artificial life forms which are essentially indistinguishable from real humans.  In other words, there are aliens among us.  As with humans, some of these aliens are good and some are bad.  Dr. Lash and others ask whether the regressive element of these alien people is responsible for the environmental crisis in general, and whether they control the “elites” (government, corporations) who direct policy and ignore the worsening environmental crisis we are all facing? (Are the aliens immune to the effects of global warming? Will they be the sole survivors when the planet melts?)

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