Speed Dating: Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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You might have already heard of the term called ‘Speed Dating’. This form of “dating” has become one of the latest trends in today’s singles scene. If you have not tried it as yet, check it out. However, before you go to an event, here’s a quick overview of speeding dating‘s “good, the bad and the ugly”.

The Good?

Speed dating is actually kinda fun. If you have a very busy career, or, if you consider yourself a responsible single adult who also possibly have kids, speeding dating provides a window of opportunity. Indeed, speed dating events are often a better place for meeting “quality singles” relative to going to a typical night club or bar.

The following are some of the elements of the most positive aspects of speed dating.

Time Efficiency

Speed dating is efficient in comparison to online dating. In speed dating, you get to talk to many singles for a short period of time ‘live and direct’. “Dates” are also timed. Have you been on a dinner date, and cold not wait to say “cheque please”? Maybe your date turned out to lack conversation skills or to be a bit of a egomaniac who decided to talk about his new red Porsche all night. In speed dating, there is also no need to find an excuse to bail out from an awkward date. Just keep talking diplomatically to your “date” for a few more minutes, and you will be “rid” of that “non-suitor”.


Speed dating clientele are often highly educated and career-minded singles who also have the disposable income to spend money to attend speed dating events. The price for such events range from $20, to sometimes around $80 depending on the speed dating service.

Arguably, you are also more likely to find a potentially career-minded single “suitor” at a speed dating event than at many clubs and bars.

Theme-based events

Speed dating agencies often organize theme-based events. Such events help to optimize your chances of finding things in common with other singles.

Comfortable Environments

Speed dating agencies tend to arrange to hold events at often trendy and swanky locations. This is just another considerable advantage for people who seek to attend a speed dating event. Speed dating events tend to be in comfortable and upscale environments. Dress to impress when you go to a speed dating event. The first impression is important, no doubt.

The Bad & Ugly!

On the other hand, there are various reported disadvantages associated with speed dating. For example, talking to an individual for a very short period of time is often not adequate to get to know someone. Indeed, there are many people who are just not able to express themselves in a timeline of say 7 to 10 minutes of conversation time. Speed dating relies on the ability of participants to make an exceedingly fast strong first impression.

The ugly part related to speed dating is that you will mostly base your decision mostly on other individual’s physical appearance. Ladies in general tend to be more interested in simply looks when it comes to guys. However, the ladies who are the principle clientele of speed dating events are arguably much more interested in looks than the average female.

It is also notable that not everyone who goes to a speed dating event may have “honourable intentions”. Some guys might already be in a serious relationship which they don’t intend to leave, or even married. On the other hand, some ladies might only be attending a speed dating event in order to support a co-worker or friend. These ladies will often have no intention of meeting anyone through the event. Furthermore, some ladies might only be there.. Hmmm.. Okay.. Let’s be blunt.. In order to get a free dinner from as many guys as possible. Clubs attract ladies looking free drinks.

If you are among the minority of ladies who seek a dinner to go with your free drink, speed dating will offer you a great opportunity.

You will only know if speed dating is right for you for sure, if you find and go to a local event. One technique for ladies and guys to consider when going to an event is just to have a fun evening meeting new people, with no other expectations.

If you pick someone as your “match” at these events and you mutually agree to see each other, congrats. A speed dating host will contact you to confirm any mutual matches at an event.

If you consider the possibility of getting a match to be a “bonus” rather than a prime focus for you going to an event, you would have prepared yourself to have a relaxed comportment toward having a fun-filled evening. This frame of mind will also make you more attractive to your potential matches, and help avoid presenting yourself to be desperate to your potential matches.

Are you single and looking? What are you waiting for? Find and check out speed dating event nearest to you.


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