Global Warming: Another Heat Wave Subdues Ottawa

Global warming is a nightmare most countries face especially when it comes to environmental degradation. It is not only a disease that cripples the economy, but it kills millions of earthly beings wherever it touches. And in this age it only keeps getting worse by the day.

Any measures to help curb it have always been thrown out the window, by the same earthly beings that it scars, before even being implemented.

Well, this time Ottawa Valley in Canada is scheduled, as Environment Canada has issued, to experience another heat wave.

Environment Canada recently issued a reminder warning early this Wednesday that the latest hot and humid air mass is expected to take over the city of Ottawa and its surrounding areas at least up to Friday. Though there might be moderate relief, day time highs are expected to stay between 31 C and 34 C. However, this can be complicated by humidex readings that can possibly make it feel like 40 at times.

Residents have been cautioned to schedule their outings in cooler parts of the day and away from the heat. They have also been advised to stay hydrated at all times.

Gatineau has officially stepped in to offer some form of relief to the residents by extending the opening hours at city beaches as well as wading and splash pools by an hour.

Environment Canada said this might be “the longest and most significant heat wave of the summer so far.” It also stressed that pets and people should not be left in a parked vehicle or under direct sunlight when temperature are high.

There won’t be any relief even through the night as lows are expected to be in the 20s. So with a 40 percent chance of rain, the residents can only pray for a miracle to reprieve them from the heat.


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