Yes, You Can Change Lives In Your Career

Not every job allows you to feel as though you’re making a difference in the world. That doesn’t mean that your work doesn’t change the world a little. You might be familiar with the idea of a butterfly flapping it’s wings creating a hurricane somewhere in the world. That’s popularly known as ‘the butterfly effect, ’ but it’s not quite the same as heading home each day and feeling like you have made a real difference to someone’s life and change their world. That said, there are careers where this is a possibility. You can make a difference in this world, feeling good about the positive change that you have helped create.

We think there are careers like this for everyone too, whether you love staying fit, working in communications or perhaps even completing hard manual labor. So, let’s look at some of the careers where you can really make waves in the world.

Personal Fitness Trainer

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This might seem like an unimportant job, but you’d be surprised. You see levels of fitness, severely affect an individual’s confidence and that can have rippling effects that spread through their entire life. For instance, if you have a problem with your weight you might not go on that many dates, and this can cripple your personal life. Or, you could, simply not be confident enough to speak up at work and this will stop you from moving forward with your career. Well, working as a fitness trainer, you can help people change all that. You can help give them back their confidence and completely change their life. Arguably one of the best parts about this career is that you don’t actually need a college degree. Though, that’s certainly not true for all roles where you can make a real difference.

School Counselor

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How about working with kids on a daily basis. You’ve probably heard phrases similar to the kids are our future. Well, that’s true because the kids are the next generation and as such, they will shape the future of this world. But they do experience a lot of issues in school with everything from stress to bullying. Working as a school counselor, you will be able to help individual students through issues like this and help them find their way through the maze that is school. An online master in school counseling can teach you everything you need to know. The best part is that it isn’t something you have to go to college for. Instead, you can work from home, often in your spare time.

Doctors Without Borders

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Or, how about heading into medicine. But rather than working in private practice or even major hospitals, you can instead work as a doctor without borders. Doing this, you’ll be heading to countries and parts of the world where doctors are desperately needed. You will be saving lives and taking your medical training to a whole other level. A medical degree is one of the most prestigious qualifications you can earn. If you want to make the most of it, you should go where you’ll really be needed.

We hope you see now that there are careers where you can really can make a difference and feel good about your role in the world each day.


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