Xcheaters.com Reviews: Dating Review Site Needs Accountability

Datingbusters.com is a dating review site that reviews dating site with an intention of ‘exposing’ them. It lists almost all the popular dating sites as scam. In fact, even popular dating sites like Tinder and Xcheaters have been listed as scam sites by datingbusters. On the other hand, the site lists only two very unknown sites as genuine dating sites.

I tried creating an account on one of these sites. I realized that as soon as I create an account and verify my email address, I need to make a payment to the site to access even the most basic features of the site. The amounts quoted as membership fee were also very high. So, I could not even discover the features of the site or even look for available members of the site, before paying an extravagant amount of money.

What amused me the most about the site is that, it was trying to ‘tease’ me with photos of women, all of whom looked Caucasian. Either the site does not have any local members, or it just created some fake profile to lure people. My money is on the later. If the admin of datingbusters.com is promoting such sites as ‘real dating sites’, we should have to take whatever he says with a pinch of salt.


Clearly, dsatingbusters.com lacks accountability as it could nether prove the allegations it has leveled against other dating sites, nor could it actually provide the readers with links to dating sites that are not trying to scam people of their money. 


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