Sun and amazing bag piping helps greet Canada Day in Ottawa

I was happy to see the sun out for this Canada Day in Ottawa instead of the thunderstorm in Ottawa to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday.

Huge crowds were all over downtown.  There was the typical big show on Parliament Hill with all the extra security we have come to expect.

I try to avoid the contrived celebrations of Parliament Hill though.  I prefer to look for the entertainment provided by the buskers which have tended to mostly along Sparks Street and in the Market.

My favourite busker was playing bag pipes near Rideau Centre.  You can't have a great celebration like this in Canada without having the bag pipes.

Justin's Trudeau's Canada Day still doesn't come close to the energy of Canada Day during the Stephen Harper government.

I didn't like the Harper government, by those Conservatives sure knew how to throw a better party with so many more street-focused festivities.

And the best Canada Day of them all during the Harper government was during the Queen's visit to Ottawa during Majesty's Jubilee.

Street-festivities had ranged from outdoor barbequing featuring free burger giveaways from Loblaws to skateboarders putting on a great show on Rideau Street around the Rideau Centre during Harper's era

The Department of Canadian Heritage could do a lot better job with Canada Day than just focusing on the Hill as had been the case during the Harper government.


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