Chinese Communist Party Inspires Justin Trudeau's Senate

Some people like to accuse Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as being "soft" on defending Canada's interests when it comes to China's sought desire to buy-out Canada.  If this is the case, then it's no wonder then that Justin Trudeau has taken his apparent admiration for China into inspiring his so-called "Senate reforms".  Justin Trudeau's so-called "reformed Senate" is not a move in the direction of affirming Canada as a democracy as we have been led to believe.

Justin Trudeau has simply moved the selection process for new Senators from the public figures that bestowed official affiliations with Canada's mainstream political parties into to the selection process of backroom operatives from the "cocktail circuits" which in turn seek to control who gets elected and who doesn't get elected in political legislatures across Canada.

The so-called "Independent Senate Advisory Committee" which screens and selects applicants for Justin Trudeau is no more democratic than the Chinese Politburos which control the selection of members of the Chinese Communist Party to "represent" 'the people'.  This so-called Independent Advisory Committee is just as secretive, unaccountable and lacking in transparency as Chinese Politburos.

The idea of having a Senate is to provide an effective counterweight to the House of Commons - and the achievement of this constitutional goal relies to nominating Senators who are affiliated to marginalized and disenfranchised groups that are excluded from equitable representation in the House of Commons.

However, Trudeau and the Archons who control Trudeau don't want "ordinary Canadians" including farmers, the "working class", the poor and other such groups re-directing the political agenda of the House of Commons to serve all Canadians.  So, Trudeau's answer was to create a complete ruse and phony narrative of a new found Senate independence based upon a mantra of lies and deception.

The "new" Canadian Senate was not designed by Trudeau and his cronies to fulfill the constitutional ideals of the Senate.  Rather, it was designed to further entrench a Deep State of affluent backroom gentlemen and ladies who have been anointed by a Canadian version of Chinese Politburos.


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