People's Party: Is Maxime Bernier Little More Than a Handsome Robot?

My question for all Canadians voters is who the heck elected Maxime Bernier?

In his speeches, Mr Bernier seems to take a delight in stringing together a bunch of vapid clichés.

It often sounds like he has been inspired by the Randy, a character on the Trailer Park Boys who learned his language skills from a cereal box.

Bernier might not only be the least original Canadian politician ever, but among the least original politicians ever in human history.

Canada's so-called People Party is just a right wing party of empty clichés which lack ethical foundations for a just society for all Canadians.

Meanwhile, it is U.S. President Donald Trump who keeps getting attacked by the media pundits.

Even though I may not agree with much of President Trump's policies, he seems to "practice what he preaches" and expresses himself sincerely and as a human.

Most recently, Maxime Bernier, has been calling himself "the Albertan from Quebec."   Yes.. a new cliché from his apparent "programming" matrix.

The People's Party of Canada (PPC) leader had stopped in Calgary on day two of his 10-day tour of the province  where he announced his slate of local candidates before visiting the Stampede.

He took the opportunity to take some shots at Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, his one-time competitor during the party's leadership race, who was in the city to flip pancakes the day before.

"If you're a real conservative, you have two choices: to vote for a fake conservative, Andrew Scheer, or to vote for a real one," Bernier said in an interview, following a speech at the Pine Ridge Community Centre.

Real how?  It is apparent that the Establishment supports Bernier and all his empty soul-less statements.  They never seem to want to challenge his robotic clichés.

Bernier's attack on the Conservatives "moving to the left" is pure nonsense.  How have they moved "to the left"?

Do us a favour Mr Bernier and get out of politics and become a male model.  In so doing you can put your sex appeal to work and spare us your political ignorance and manipulation.


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