5G Auto-Immune Disease: How unknown entities warn humanity through Mandela Effects

There has been more and more talk about the "Mandela Effect".  This begs the question what if anything does the Mandela Effect have to do with the current Coronavirus "plandemic" to quote a coinage by YouTubers.

It is becoming more and more apparent that the Mandela Effect and the coronavirus are related.  Indeed, both the Mandela Effect and coronavirus have been subjected to the same aggressive cover-up by the same actors who are seeking to repress any critical debate and scientific representation which conflict with the narrative that these elites are seeking to present as "truths".

According to the mainstream media and elites anyone who dares discuss the relationship between 5G and the coronavirus should be repressed because such talk is supposedly without any scientific proof whatsoever and is merely a mischievous "conspiracy theory" being spread by kooks.

However, if you start using search engines other than Google, you will begin to see all the data and representation that has been made by learned scientists and whistleblowers who have been kicked-out of Google searches as a result of an effort to keep the truth out of public sight.

The same mainstream media that has cooperated in the cover-up of the great danger that 5G poses to all biological life would also have us believe that reported Mandela Effects are the result of large populations of people "mis-remembering" the same thing and that the coronavirus is a naturally occurring phenomenon and not the result of 5G.

With that said, elites now apparently sensing that the strategy to characterize "Mandela Effects" as "misremembering" is not working-out too well have sought to use the so-called "New Age Religion" to present it as "Sophia Effects".  According to this apparent secondary deception tactic, the people who notice Mandela Effect are "awakened" ones whose noticing of changes are a result of the process of their ascension into a "Fourth Dimension".  But, if we are aware of knowledge of human contacts with demonic aliens which have been communicated through tribal Elders we will be able to recognize "New Age Religion" for what it really is.

It is only when I saw the above video that it has really become apparent what the Mandela Effect is all about.

The Mandela Effect was named after public awareness surfaced that some people remembered Nelson Mandela dying in prison only to find out he was still alive and officially died only after he became the President of South Africa and he retired.

Since that public confusion over Mandela's death, more and more people have started to experience more and more apparent changes in reality. Many people have wondered if many of us have been thrown into a parallel reality. Bizarre changes include corporate logos, bible verses, historical facts and even geographic features -- Africa and South America moving closer together.  The move of the Statute of Liberty from Ellis Island to "Liberty Island" is another example of the "Mandela Effect".  Other noticeable "Effects" include the change in the colour of the Sun which now at times appears to be white instead of just yellow and the Moon which now sometimes looks as if it were a holographic projection.

In the above video, a man expresses his shock in relation to the Mandela Effect that U.S. paper money seems to be all of a sudden dominated with currency all issued in 2013 on it.  He says that he distinctly remembers American money printed yearly and all having a mixture of dates on them.

When I saw this video, I thought that such a representation sounded pretty wild to me.  But having an open mind, I decided to look at a $USD 1 from my last trip to the States in 2019.  To my shock, my U.S. bill also had 2013 on it!

In my view, it appears that some Mandela Effects like this one is part of an attempt by "unknown entities" to warn humans who care to notice that we have been abducted into a simulation and that what we are now observing with the coronavirus "plandemic" is part of an orchestration which 5G is playing a key role.

By using the sophisticated AI technology of this simulation unknown entities through "Mandela Effects" seem to be intentionally creating bizarre anomalies to draw our attention to more subtle technological manipulations that satanic entities are orchestrating in an effort to control and eventually destroy humans who have been abducted into a simulation.

It has also become apparent to many humans who have been experiencing the "Mandela Effect" that at least some of "the people" who don't notice these Effects AI constructed entities.  These entitles don't notice Mandela Effects because they are "Background People" who are clones part of this simulation program.  When confronted with any evidence of the Mandela Effect,"Background People" in the apparent prevailing simulation program have been seen "phasing out" and then with gesticulations reminiscent to the android character "Data" that from time to time received "Downloads" to process.

In THE David Icke interview below also banned by Google-owned YouTube, he presents critical representation by learned scientists that people should be running away from 5G and not "germs" in order to prevent the coronavirus.

It is therefore apparent that an "unknown group" may be seeking to draw our attention to the apparent fact that a group of humans have been abducted into a simulation made to look like our own Earth but is not Earth at all, and that the coronavirus is an orchestration of a "technological sub-reality". To quote the Wizard of Oz, "We're not in Kansas anymore".

David Icke warns that 5G is being used to construct a "technological sub-reality" and that 5G is a "Weapon of Mass Destruction" that is being used to simulate a contagious virus.

I invite you to read my book Justin Trudeau, Judicial Corruption and the Supreme Court of Canada: Aliens and Archons in Our Midst if you want to explore the world of corruption and manipulative aliens as background to the so-called "coronavirus".

The manipulate aliens I cite my book appear to be connected with the current "coronavirus" pandemic simulation.


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