5G Autoimmune Pandemic: Retailers that go cashless should be boycotted in principle

I'm not aware of anyone catching COVID-19 from a $10 bill.

Reportedly, it is the same group of billionaires who funded the genetic engineering of a benign "coronavirus" that has been a part of human evolution into 'COVID-19', who are now pursuing the "Cashless Society" agenda as part of a New World Order (NWO) scheme that would also include the mandatory microchipping of everyone through a vaccination programme. 

The World Health Organization's (WHO) support of a Cashless Society is on the apparent behest of Bill Gates who funds the WHO in order to support his agenda

Therefore, any retailer that refuses to accept cash ought to be regarded as tacitly supporting Bill Gates' biometric tattoo based mandatory vaccination programme.

However, if you're okay with being microchipped so that Artificial Intelligence (AI) inclusive of the owners of Google can read your thoughts and control what you do where, when and how then by all means you should continue to support cashless retailers.


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