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Coronavirus: Justin Trudeau can't be trusted on maintaining Canada-U.S. border lockdown

Canadians ought to assume that, with coronavirus cases surging to record levels in the United States, and with over 80 per cent of Canadians in favour of keeping the Canada-U.S. border closed to non-essential travel, the current renewal deadline on our border will simply be extended. That's just common sense. But this is the same prime minister who thought it was right to allow his mom to be paid a considerable appearance fee through the WE Foundation in relation to a government-endorsed youth programme. This is also the same prime minister who has sold the interests of First Nations and our environment to billion-dollar U.S. Big Oil interests regarding a pipeline project in western Canada. This is also the same prime minister who has, according to CTV News, unbeknownst to Canadians, allowed roughly 400 U.S. troops to be stationed in Winnipeg in violation of Canadian sovereignty.

The only way that we as Canadians can ensure that the Justin Trudeau minority Liberal government respects the desire of the overwhelming majority of Canadians to maintain the closure of the Canada-U.S. border to non-essential travel is to make our wishes loud and clear to this government. We must let them know that, if Trudeau once more capitulates to corruption and U.S. interests by opening the border to Americans, we will support the toppling of the federal Liberal government by opposition parties, in spite of the pandemic, on this life-and-death matter of protecting Canadians from a proliferating American disaster.

When Canadians read in daily newspapers and watch on the TV news that there are "negotiations" taking place on the extension of the Canada-U.S. border closure, we Canadians ought to be very concerned. From the standpoint of protecting the lives of Canadians, this should be a "no-brainer" automatic extension, case closed. There should be no such "negotiations." The prevailing border arrangement has, to-date, worked well for us Canadians and protected us from the United States' complete mishandling of the pandemic which has led that country to become the coronavirus centre of the world.

When we hear the word "negotiations," we can expect that the Trudeau government is now putting Canadian lives on the auction block to forms of political bribery and kickbacks.

The continued closure of the Canada-U.S. border does not look good for U.S. president Donald Trump. He has already endured the embarrassment of being shut out of Europe. So, rest assured, Trump will be seeking to use the threat of aluminum tariffs and the so-called "USMCA" to pressure Trudeau to capitulate, along with his troops stationed in Winnipeg and other such threats.

Trump is looking for some good public relations in his pandemic mess, and Canada opening-up its borders would give him some good PR toward his election bid. Of course, he will make sure Trudeau knows that he expects him to be a "good partner" if he wants to be in the good books of those big business interests which contribute to Liberal Party campaign coffers.

Trudeau will also be seeking to appease 29 U.S. Congressional representatives led by Brian Higgins' Northern Border Caucus. This caucus is currently demanding that Canada open its borders to American property owners in Canada and other such travellers, and essentially turn a blind eye to the prospects of sharing America’s coronavirus problem, like an old lover that now wants to share their sexually transmitted disease.

With all this said, can't you now envision a backsliding Trudeau capitulating to Donald Trump while also offering Canadians some specious promises about beefing-up our borders with health authorities to somehow screen vacationing Americans as the price Canadians have to pay to be a "good partner" in the USMCA?

This is a wake-up call to Canadians. Let the Trudeau government hear your voices loud and clear. Silently relying on Trudeau continuing to use good judgement on safeguarding the lives of Canadians may be asking too much. The Trudeau government has sold-out First Nations. His government has failed to legally redress the murders of visible minorities at the hands of police. It is therefore not a far stretch to assume that Trudeau may sell out Canadians on the pandemic, in light of his government’s lack of respect for human life in other areas of his public policies.


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