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UFO: Fake white sun triggers forest fires and other environmental crises

There is something going on which appears to be far more serious than the pandemic. Many of us were taught in school that the sun is basically a gigantic ball of flames in our sky at the centre of our solar system, and we have been shown images of this. The result has always been a warm and distinctively yellow light in our skies. However, in the last couple of years, this distinctively warm yellow light seems to have been transformed to what is now an often larger, pure white light, as depicted in my screenshot with this article of NBC-TV footage of a white sun over raging wildfires in California.

The above video is an example of a disturbed YouTuber who has noticed this new white sun.  There are also some people who refer to themselves as "Mandela Affected" and who have observed how this strange white sun seems to be bigger and hotter than our former yellow sun.

In a nutshell, the "Mandela Effect" refers to people who have noticed relatively recent paranormal changes in our environment that the overwhelming majority of people don't.  Experiencing the Mandela Effect is like going to a party where you keep seeing pink elephants popping up, but the hosts of the party keep telling you they were always there and trying to convince you that you simply forgot.

When was the last time you saw a massive burning object that produced a solid white light? It is apparent that the current sun is some kind of gigantic UFO beaming down some kind of intense artificial light that is resulting in environmental havoc on whatever this place is. And, if this sun is fake, there's a good chance that whatever you think you see in the sky, including the moon and stars, are also some kind of potentially artificial holographic projects designed to populate the sky with celestial bodies familiar to us humans from the "Old Earth" with a yellow sun.

In my view, the Mandela Effect, which is named after former South African president Nelson Mandela, is an alien abduction event in which a relatively small population of humans have been relocated against our will to some kind holographic space called “Earth,” which now has a white Sun and a similarly fake-looking Moon that sometimes appears to be transparent. This so-called “Earth” offers a whole bunch of “Background People” programmed by aliens to ignore the white Sun and other mounting discrepancies between the "Old Earth" and this new apparent "fake Earth."

When the numerous background people are asked about weird Mandela Effects, like the white sun, or questions like, “Why has the Statue of Liberty apparently moved from Ellis Island when the sun was yellow to Liberty Island in this land of the white sun?” they will act in some bizarre way. I have literally seen these people first agree on the discrepancy and then freeze-up for a few seconds and act like they are remotely getting downloads. When they wake-up after a few moments of this apparent trance, they will say, “Wasn’t it always like that?”

Then again, these apparent artificial intelligence (AI) programmed background people will often just literally run away or simply go blank and not answer, as if you didn’t say anything.

For these apparent background people, the sun has always been white and there have always been pink elephants at the party.

The objective of these aliens in apparently abducting humans for the prevailing AI simulation seems to be to study abducted humans and how they act under the stresses of the Mandela Effect, which include the white sun, in their efforts to exploit the Earth for their own alien species objectives.

White that said, in a Google search, images of a white sun and the “fallen angels” seem to go hand-in-hand. That could suggest that the white sun is indeed a projection created by the fallen angels, which have placed a white sun in this apparent simulation to show their dominion over the humans and artificial life forms that look like humans with free will but are not. 

The fallen angels are basically lower-dimensional alien and AI rivals of humanity that are jealous of humanity’s free will and creative power. They seek to control humans through simulation scenarios. It was the ancient Pagan Gnostics that sought to warn humanity of the fallen angels as “artificial man,” and that we should not allow ourselves to be subjected to their efforts to use simulations against us.

About the writer:

Peter Tremblay is the author of the book entitled Justin Trudeau, Judicial Corruption and the Supreme Court of Canada: Aliens and Archons.


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