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Ottawa lawyer John Summers enables alien life forms to terrorize humans

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The title of this article sounds pretty funny, doesn't it? Indeed, I wish this article was some kind of satire. But it isn't.

According to the official story, the search for sentient alien life forms in the universe continues. But for many people who have either researched or experienced alien abductions, sentient alien life forms have already been in contact with humans—contact which has ranged from the apparently benign to the profoundly invasive.

In the case of one Ottawa man, whose name is Horace Carby-Samuels, the alien contact has been profound invasive.

And we have Horace's own words to rely on for the apparent alien abduction scenario he fell victim to thanks to Bell Baker's John Summers.

It was in winter 2013 that Horace Carby-Samuels began to experience hostile forms of alien contact, which I document in my book Justin Trudeau, Judicial Corruption and the Supreme Court of Canada: Aliens and Archons in Our Midst.

Horace first began to report having been contacted by aliens in what he described to be "multi-dimensional space" during his dreams after he had a near-death experience (NDE) back in the late 1960s in a Vancouver-area hospital. For years Horace told Raymond, his son, that these aliens "had a mission for him" and that was why they "saved" him.

Raymond assumed these contacts to be benign. However, starting in January 2013, his opinion changed as these aliens apparently began to take over his father's body to perpetrate violent behaviour.

That was when Horace began to have hysterical episodes of complaining to Raymond and others at each and every social function about what he described to be an "extraterrestrial threat."

When Raymond began to try to get help for his father, a "mysterious" lawyer and a dirty cop, Ottawa police detective Robert Griffin Jr, conspired to block a review of Horace's health.

As the alien that Horace had complained about continued to take over his body against his human free will, it became increasingly apparent that John Summers, Ottawa police detective Robert Griffin, and four judges at the Ontario Superior Court at 161 Elgin Street in Ottawa didn't want anyone to interrupt the apparent takeover of Horace's body by non-human entities.

If you want proof of non-human life forms walking among us, you don't need to go any further than the current imposter that is occupying Horace's body under the apparent protection of operatives, who include John Summers and his apparent confederates at the Ottawa courthouse and the Ottawa police; I refer to these individuals in my book as members of a "fifth column."

The apparent takeover of Horace’s body was a complete violation of human free will and John Summers, who enabled that process, has committed a crime against humanity.

John Summers was parachuted by apparent non-human life forms to see to it that the alien imposter could be left to pursue its violent activities without challenge.

John Summers is a collaborator with the devil, and its house-of-torture experiment and human survival may depend on demanding that the non-human occupants of Horace’s body leave it, because it is likely that Horace is not the only human that has been the subject of such experiments.

To learn more, check out my book, available in Chapters/Indigo in Canada, Barnes and Nobles in the States, and Amazon internationally.


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