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Trudeau's Vaccine Mafia and not Ford is to blame for Ontario woes

It is true that Premier Doug Ford's reaction to pandemic has a lot to be desired.  But the apparent real source of Ontario's current COVID-19 mutation woes is Justin Trudeau's Vaccine Mafia.  Indeed, the Vaccine Mafia are behind the whole pandemic.  The medical labs of this mafia genetically engineered the pandemic under the auspices of Archons because those were the only conditions which would get people to inject invasive compound mixtures into their bodies without asking any questions.  The essential evil political orchestration of the whole pandemic can easily seen seen in the apparent wilful acts of world governments and leaders like Justin Trudeau.

Did you ever wonder why Prime Minister Trudeau has been allowing airline passengers from COVID-19 hot spots who aren't even Canadians to fly into Toronto's Pearson International Airport and other airports in Canada?  The obvious and disturbing reason is that people with COVID-19 mutations have been wilfully allowed into Canada to enable the spreading of pandemic mutations. In doing so, a desirable mass fear and panic can then be created which can in turn be used by "public health" operatives of the Trudeau government to eventually push for mandatory COVID-19 vaccines.  Tight restrictions on international passenger traffic that keeps COVID-19 and its mutations out of the country would not benefit the COVID-19 vaccine drug pushers among Big Pharma whose operatives are contributors to various political interests.

It is therefore apparent that Canada's ongoing swiss cheese borders on the pandemic is not the result of oversight or incompetence but instead is the result of an effort to perpetuate mass fear and hysteria which can be used by public health authorities to push their vaccine.

The National Post, for example, reported on the Trudeau government wilfully allowing flights from COVID-19 mutation ravaged India to touch down in Toronto.  Premier Doug Ford has no control over the non-Canadians with COVID-19 that Trudeau's government has been allowing into the country.

Premier Doug Ford would be politically coasting right now if Trudeau was as serious as New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacidna Ardern about keeping COVID-19 out.  Trudeau says one thing while his government does another thing.  Indeed, it was Trudeau's negligent border controls which enabled COVID-19 to get into Canada from the United States in the first place. 

Tight border controls which keeps out COVID-19 mutations in Canada would undermine the efforts of a political-military-industrial complex which spreads their COVID-19 vaccine fixations all over mainstream news -- and any information on scientifically proven strategies to effectively treat or prevent COVID-19 other than "the vaccine" which range from naturopathy to ivermectin is repressed.  The entire pandemic is the result of apparent political intentionality to corral the masses into a predetermined agenda.

The entire pandemic was allowed to spread from China by the WHO's intentional nonchalant approach to alerting the world to its threat and apparent minions like Justin Trudeau are enabling mutations to leak into Canada in behalf of an effort to inject everyone with biometric tracking devices associated with mRNA technology.  The vaccine agenda is an effort to use mRNA technology to enslave humanity to artificial intelligence through the transformation of human DNA into a genetically modified and controlled organism.  The apparent overseers of this whole charade are manipulative aliens that are of artificial intelligence.

You can read more about the vaccine agenda in Peter Tremblay's COVID-19: The Biometric Vaccine Brave New World Totalitarian Agenda.



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