Alien Archons linked to Human Contact

A witness in Rockville, Indiana has claimed that alien Archons have been contacting him regularly. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), published on 20 Nov, 2014.

He describes the beings that are allegedly contacting him.

“Two different types of beings are contacting me. One is a gray and the other is pure energy.”

He talks about how they contact him.

“They contact me directly in my mind with thought and video type transmitions.”

He further says that he needs to talk to someone about the situation. He also talks about an alien implant in his jaw.

“i need to talk to someone to deal with this ,any help would be appreciated. My dentist says i have an implant of unknown origin in my bottom left jaw.”

He talks about a photo from his childhood that has an alien in it.

“I also have an alien orb behind me in a photo when i was 5yrs old playing a piano.”

He then describes how he has been taken to alien ships several times.

“I have been on board their ship several times. My body stays behind, but I’m there as energy.

He talks about the landing site of the alien ship.

“Have a scorched landing site 75 ft from my house where we enter and take off.”

Finally he tells us why he needs to share this information.

“I saw ALOT! I need to share info with someone who can understand.”

The archons are demonic alien beings from other dimension which were mentioned in the ancient Pagan Gnostics. They tend to "appear in Threes" (reference: and are believed to steal human souls.  Archons are in turn an extension of the 'Demiurge' which Dr. John Lash also described from Pagan Gnostic accounts cited on


As per the research done by Dr. John Lash, Archons, as mentioned in the ancient Gnostic text the Nag Hammadi, are Demonic inter-dimensional beings which control our leaders and the elites. The Archons have ruled humanity and intend to destroy us. They want to avenge the death of their ancestors, the dinosaurs, who allegedly died due to human actions. 


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