Global Warming: German TV links Chemtrails to Weather Modification

The above German video with English subtitles, uncovers Chemtrails as a "weather modification project". Activists have linked chemtrails to intentional Global Warming, which has helped to "free-up" oil reserves in the Arctic, that has also been accompanied with other capitalist "dividends".

Several governments across the planet have been spraying their civilian populations with different (often harmful) biological and chemical agents since the 1940's. The British and German governments have even admitted some of their aerial spraying operations.

Primarily military aircraft are employed in the spraying, although civilian airlines are also employed. The spraying results in trails in the sky that at first glance resemble condensation trails (contrails) left by jet engines. However, these abnormal trails persist far longer than regular contrails and emanate from locations on the plane other than the engines. Concerned observers have dubbed these abnormal trails, chemtrails.

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