Libyans can look forward to a brutal regime

Libyans can now look forward a lawless regime which is inspired by the kind of human rights abuses they have used to execute against innocent civilians throughout their Libyan campaign.

After NATO had bombed and killed tens of thousands of innocent civilians, Ghaddafi was reportedly caught by a lynch mob wounded, weakened and covered in blood and dirt. We was apparently hauled from a truck to meet his unceremonious end.

In front of a U.S.-backed Al Qaeda gun-waving lynch mob, Muammar Gaddafi, the former Libyan leader, begged the revolutionary soldiers for his life.

Becoming increasingly desperate, he reportedly asked one rebel fighter: 'What did I ever do to you?' But his pleas fell on deaf ears.

The deposed despot was thrown onto another truck and taken away - to be mercilessly shot to death.

Researchers like Dr. Michael Salla, and David Icke, suggest that regressive alien entities which seek to rule Earth through human operatives, are, in fact, responsible for executing the kind of brutality that has resulted in ten of thousands of innocent Libyan civilians suffering a similar fate to Gaddafi. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But, the kind of brutality that has been launched against Libya, is consistent with a non-human source, that is further described bb both Dr. Salla’s and Mr. Icke’s testimony on regressive alien entities.

Name one example in the U.S. executing any military or other intervention in a Third World country which has resulted in the affirmation of the human rights or quality-of-living of the people of that country?

Iraq, that is now apparently run in behalf of Big Oil and related foreign interests, is the latest example of the apparent oppressive and fascist ambitions of U.S./NATO strategies.


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such sad sad days of what America was to what America is being seen as--- once regarded as the new promise land of opportunity and safety for your family--- to a out of control tyrant blood thirsty for other countries blood weather it be called oil or minerals it is all the same.---And we hang our heads downwards in shame as we plan how to renew a spiritual future minus the guns and greedy cheating weasels who have stolen most all our money. we ask our northern neighbors for insights on the rebuilding
thank you

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