Black Libyans ironically suffer from Black President

It is ironic that America's first black President has resulted in more and more suffering among Africa's black populations, that has been supported by Big Business interests in the media. affirms that the evidence of public lynching of Black people are, indeed, readily available online through simple Google or YouTube searches.  But, U.S. corporate media organizations. like the New York Times, have sought to ignore this issue.

Instead The New York Times is apparently too busy boasting of its support for NATO's bombing campaign, which has killed thousands of innocent civilians. The Times has also ignored U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s call that the International Criminal Court (ICC) investigate NATO commanders on possible war crimes in connection to Libyan civilians killed.

Media organizations like the Times can't write about the ethnic cleansing of Black Libyans and migrants from other African countries because it would diminish the reputation of the "rebels" who the Times have fully embraced, even after reports that they too have committed war crimes. Instead, The Big Business interests that control much of the mass media are comfortable with the simplistic narrative: "al-Quathafi bad," and "rebels good." 

When international law is broken, we are humans, are left with an international system organized by the kind of barbarians and criminals which have taken over Libya, and seek to control the rest of our planet Earth.


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