Iran defends Palestinian rights at UN

Palestinian rights must be materialized...

Ambassador Mohammad Khazaei made the remarks at a UN meeting on the current situation in the Middle East in New York on Tuesday, IRNA reported.

The Iranian envoy noted that the United States has vetoed 46 UN resolutions against Israel, and the world body's inaction has emboldened Israel to continue pursuing inhumane policies.

Commenting on the recent proposal to grant Palestine full membership in the United Nations, he said that the international community is looking for ways to strengthen the efforts to materialize the Palestinians' right to have an independent state that is a member of the United Nations.

Khazaei criticized Israel over the miserable and inhumane conditions of more than 6,000 Palestinian prisoners and expressed concern over Israelis' desecration of mosques and burning of Palestinian farms.

The Iranian ambassador also stated that the popular uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa illustrate the need for change in the region and said the people's demands for independence and democracy cannot be ignored.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Khazaei said that the recent US allegation that Iran was involved in a plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington is a prefabricated and false story, adding that “this scenario has been devised with the support of the Zionist regime.”

He had earlier filed a complaint against the US for what he called the “evil plot.”

On October 11, the US Justice Department accused Iran of plotting to assassinate Saudi Arabian Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir, with help from a man suspected of being a member of a Mexican drug cartel.

Tehran says the media hype created by Washington is an attempt to deflect attention from the anti-corruption and anti-corporatism protests currently rocking the United States.



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