Syria to Iran: Miami, FEMA coffins linked to World War III


Is Miami the missing piece to a Mayan Pentagram which apparently starts from 9/11? Is the Miami region to be the “official start” point of World War III, as a prelude to a New World Order? Who were the Mayans, and what is their significance the in unfolding of human history?

There are many people who would dismiss John Fleck as some kind of "conspiracy theorist" [above video].  Ha ha.. Miami as the epicentre of a planned nuclear detonation.. You must be kiddin?

Well, how do you then explain the FEMA coffins being unloaded in an area of Georgia apparently just outside of the area that would be most effected by any nuclear detonation of Miami?  Is Miami the designated scene of the formal outbreak of World War III?

Miami Photo by Ryan Janek Wolowski


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