Newborn babies to be microchipped -- Government order

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The British Government has ordered that from now on, all newborn babies are to be microchipped. The good news is this is to apply only in Northern Ireland, and to dogs. For now.
“Today if you go into a shop to buy food and your credit card is refused by the computer, you can pay with cash. What happens when there is no cash? You are at the mercy of the computer. If it refuses your card or microchip, you have no means to purchase anything.”
Those words were written by David Icke in his 1995 book and the truth shall set you free. To paraphrase Bob Monkhouse, they laughed at Icke when he said he was a prophet, but they're not laughing now. Actually, Icke went further than that, he said the eventual goal of the Order of the Illuminati - the organisation behind the Grand Conspiracy - is “a microchipped population connected to a global computer.”
Okay, they may not have been able to kill Abū Qatāda, but this month they made a small but significant step forward in their sinister plot for total global control by the introduction of a law that makes it compulsory for every newborn in Northern Ireland to be fitted with a microchip.
The good news is that for now, this new law is restricted to dogs, but there are already plans being laid for it to be extended to the Mainland. The pretext is of course to combat the growing menace of dangerous dogs. In recent years a number of people have been killed here by these animals, including 5 year old Ellie Lawrenson, who was savaged to death by a pit bull, but human beings kill far more people than dogs, so if dogs are to be so severely controlled, surely it makes sense that we should be, too?
What about other issues? In the USA, plane passengers are subjected to intimate body searches; surely there is no point in searching plane passengers if train passengers and bus passengers are not searched as well. That could make things rather difficult for commuters, but if it saves one life, it's worth it, right?
In Canada, there was recently a demand by a politician for warrantless searches, after all, if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear, right? And is a microchipped fitted in the back of someone's neck really so much worse than the government spying on our e-mails without warrant?
If all this sounds rather silly or even satirical, consider this. In August 2002, sicko Ian Huntley murdered 10 year olds Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman. In the wake of the Soham Murders, an academic from Reading University came up with a plan to foil the kidnapping of young - and not so young - children. By microchipping them.
Does Professor Kevin Warwick work for the Illuminati? Hardly, because the Grand Conspiracy does not exist; if it did, we could expose it, or even string up the conspirators from the nearest lamp post. So what can we do? One thing we can do is keep our eyes on our politicians, all of them. As the man said, eternal vigilance is the price of freedom. Another thing we can do is educate our people, so that when the Gestapo, Stasi, FBI, TSA or whoever come for our neighbours in the dead of night to take away our children, or our liberties, by force, they will go away empty handed, and wishing they hadn't.

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